“Polish Start-ups 2017” survey success in Wrocław

In Wrocław, 12% from over 600 companies is operating which took a part in a prestigious survey “Polish Start-ups 2017” conducted by Startup Poland Foundation. This places the city in the second place in Poland; the first place belongs to Warsaw.

“Polish Start-ups” report is the most important source of knowledge about young, innovative companies with a great growth potential. For the third time, the report was prepared by Startup Poland Foundation while cooperating with dr Agnieszka Skala (Ph.D.) from Warsaw University of Technology.

The study was presented during the ongoing Economic Forum in Krynica and it is indicated for, i.a. government representatives, state treasury companies, domestic and foreign investors.


W tegorocznej edycji raportu – pozytywnie wyróżnił się Wrocław, który jak podkreślają autorzy dokumentu zdecydowanie mocniej niż w ubiegłym roku zaznaczył swoją obecność w branży.

In this year’s report edition, Wrocław stands out from the rest of the cities. As the authors of the document point out, Wrocław marked its presence in the industry much more distinctly than in the previous year.

From the record-breaking number of over 600 start-ups which participated in the survey, as much as 12% of them operates in Wrocław. In the scope of activeness of companies, Wrocław took the second place in the country – right behind Warsaw (25%) – and ahead of Cracow and Poznan (7% each.)

Interestingly, Wrocław turned up to be the Polish capital of the solutions in the scope of Internet of Things. As much as 16% of all the surveyed companies specialized in this area operates in Wrocław. This is the most in the country.

“As a city, we can only be glad that creative and active start-ups which do progressively better on the domestic and foreign markets operate here. Many of them cooperates with big international companies, and millions of people use their solutions” says Łukasz Czajkowski, Director of Business Support Centre at Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency.

As he states, the city will still attempt to integrate the start-up community and promote the positive patterns which may encourage creative residents of the city to establish innovative companies. “The events we organize, such as Startup Wrocław: meetup or Startup Wrocław: evolutions, serve that role. At these and other events, you can see how many interesting companies and personalities build their business in our city” adds Czajkowski.


In the report, the peculiarity of Wrocław and the start-ups operating here is proven by the local ambassadors of the Startup Poland Foundation: Łukasz Solarski and Tomasz Kudła.

“Western clients say about Wrocław it is easily accessible, and the investors state it has a great potential. On the streets, you can meet many people of many nationalities who, if they are not tourists, are for sure entrepreneurs participating in some project in Wrocław or programmers who came here to exchange their experiences” states Solarski.

Tomasz Kudła reminds that Wrocław received honourable mention during Smart City Forum 2016 and justification stated: “Vision of developing Wrocław as a smart city relies on a few pillars: Strategy, i.e. a complex approach to smart activities; Residents and communication with them; Attractiveness of living here; Creative Development visible in, among others, opening the data and promoting the environment of start-ups.”

“Operation of innovative and quickly growing companies is one of the development pillars for each intelligent city in the world. We are glad that in Wrocław we have the resources to build such development” brings out Robert Bednarski, Project Management Director of the Wrocław City Hall.

The entire report entitled “Polish Start-ups 2017” is available on the website startuppoland.org in the tab “Knowledge.”

Source: wroclaw.pl

Graphic: Raport Polskie Startupy 2017 Fundacji Startup Poland

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