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Poland’s labor market is fairly flexible compared to other EU countries. Employment protection legislation is not overly burdensome with important role of temporary contracts that are widespread among young and low skilled workers. Fixed-term contracts are the market standard on higher roles, in the modern services industry (SSC/BPO) and IT, with civil contracts becoming more popular in the technology sector. Wage bargaining is uncoordinated and decentralized, conducted at firm level what has helped Polish economy to ensure alignment of wage and productivity dynamics.

6 things you should know about Wrocław labour market:

With more than 1 200 000 of inhabitants of the metropolitan area Wroclaw is the largest economic centre in the south-western Poland. It is also the most attractive city for relocation in the country for managers and professionals.[1]

[1] Source: antal

125 000 students at 26 universities, with 32 000 graduates yearly, make Wroclaw the 3rd academic centre in Poland. Strong faculties in the fields of engineering, information technology, F&A or linguistic are the perfect source of employees for businesses from all sectors.

Education First (an international education company) ranked Poland 10th in the world in terms of English proficiency. As far as language knowledge in Wroclaw is concerned, nearly 100% of students speak English, while there are more than 30 foreign languages spoken in the shared service centers in the city.

Strong presence of global companies has effectively changed labour market and professionalized business environment. The unique business-friendly attitude and the overall potential make the city very attractive for new offshore projects.

In the years 2004-2012 Wroclaw’s GDP has increased by 45 percent, which means that it is the second fastest growing Polish city. The unemployment rate between 2006 and 2016 decreased from 8% to 2.8%.


In the years 2005-2015 in the metropolitan area of Wroclaw the number of inhabitants has increased by 50 000. Students from other Polish regions, as well as from abroad, contribute significantly to this number. Additionally job migration from other countries constantly grows – in 2016 almost 120 000 work permits were issued in the region for Ukrainian citizens only.





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