PGS Software opens a new IT development centre

They’re now occupying the top floor of a modern office building located directly next to Wroclavia, the city’s brand new shopping centre located in the heart of the city.

In a new office they have:

  • 14 conference rooms set up with the latest audio-visual equipment
  • 3 meeting lounges furnished with comfortable sofas
  • A top of the line server room doused with gas in case of emergency
  • Unique interior design reflecting the city’s rich history & culture
  • The office is in very close proximity to the city centre and various hotels
  • The shopping centre’s food court is located a mere 50 m from the office
  • There is a garden on the premises open all year round
  • The whole building complex is a 4 star facility maintained to the highest standard


1,000 IT professionals by 2019!

They plan to employ 400 developers in 3 Polish cities within the next 2 years (by 2019). PGS Software intend to hire 200 persons in Wrocław alone – which is why PGS Software was in need of a bigger headquarters.

Taking on 400 more professionals will raise to 1,000 employees. And, although PGS Software employs mainly programmers, we’re also looking for frontend developers, backend developers, software testers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, graphic designers as well as UX / UI designers.

PGS Software’s technological drive will be fuelled by cloud computing and Big Data.

At the moment, they have a couple hundred professionals registered as members of the Amazon Partner Network. The AWS certification process is currently in full swing at the company – with the number of accredited staff excepted to grow exponentially.

“Programmers appreciate and understand the value of professional development. We’ve joined a very important movement in the technological world – we’ve switched to cloud computing solutions. There is probably no other company in Poland that does so much on such a large scale in terms of investing in training and certifications related to the AWS Cloud.” – Wojciech Gurgul, CEO, PGS Software


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