Wroclaw’s high position in the Global Cities of the Future ranking


At the top of the list are Singapore, London and Dubai – according to the Global Cities of the Future ranking. There are 25 cities in the ranking, including two from Poland. Wroclaw came 15th, Warsaw came 20th.

Global Cities of the Future 2021/22, TOP 25

  1. Singapore
  2. London
  3. Dubai
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Dublin
  6. Hong Kong
  7. New York
  8. Shanghai
  9. Paris
  10. Tokyo
  11. Beijing
  12. Abu Dhabi
  13. Bangalore
  14. Munich
  15. Wroclaw
  16. Zurich
  17. Toronto
  18. Seoul
  19. Houston
  20. Warsaw
  21. Chicago
  22. Moscow
  23. San Francisco
  24. Vilnius
  25. Montreal

According to analysts, Poland’s result slightly exceeds its real economic weight. However, our country maintains the opinion of a place with educated staff and good cost effectiveness. The authors of the report also note that there are 14 special economic zones in Poland, enabling investors to benefit from lower taxes and public aid.

Wroclaw is the winner in the category of small and medium-sized cities

The cities included in the ranking have also been divided into several size categories. In the group of small and medium-sized cities, the capital of Lower Silesia took first place this year. Wroclaw was ahead of, among others Zurich and Vilnius.

1. Wroclaw
2. Zurich
3. Vilnius
4. Edinburgh
5. Luxembourg
6. Rotterdam
7. Suhar
8. Düsseldorf
9. Belfast
10. Sharjah

Sources: pb.pl, fdiintelligence.com

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