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Wrocław has reached the third place in this year's "Rzeczpospolita" Ranking of Self-Governments. The self-governments topping the list are those most effectively looking after their growth and improvement of their citizens' quality of life following the principles of responsibility and financial security.

The Ranking of Self-Governments is the "Rzeczpospolita" daily’s annual project, whose purpose is to indicate best governed Polish administrative districts.
In this year's edition, Wrocław ranked third in the category of cities with district rights. The gala event where certificates of distinction were handed over to the winners took place on July 13 in Warsaw.

– Wrocław was awarded for merits including well run city finance, investment outlay and the quality of life in the city - says the city treasurer Marcin Urban.

The winners of this year's ranking are Gdańsk - in the category of cities with district rights, Kołobrzeg - the leader of municipal and municipal-rural administrative districts, and Zielonki – outstripping other rural districts.

The "Rzeczpospolita" runs the ranking of self-governments based on data sent in by the cities and district authorities as well as information provided by the Ministry of Finance. The data is analysed by a committee of experts headed by former Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek to assess particular self-governments' situation.

Selection of the winners is divided into two stages. The first involves cities and administrative districts which best managed their finance in the years 2010-2014 while recording biggest investment volumes at the same time. When choosing self-governments for the second stage, factors taken into account include expenditure in relation with contracts with non-government organisations, the number of NGO’s which have applied for subsidies from administrative districts' budgets, the total outlay on housing projects, the average number of six graders' points scored in tests along with pre-secondary school test, the unemployment rate, the number of new businesses registered, the Town Hall's awards, whether a rating has been assigned to a given self-government, the share of the administrative having a local spatial development plan, whether there is an economic growth scheme, whether the self-government applies tax incentives and support schemes for entrepreneurs, as well as investments within administrative districts.

The "Rzeczpospolita" Ranking of Self-Governments has been published since 2005. In last year's edition, Wrocław ranked second in the category of cities with district rights. Furthermore, Wrocław took the fourth place in the category named the self-government of the "Rzeczpospolita" Ranking of Self-Governments' decade of 2005-2014.

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