First Polish Space Drill Built in Wrocław

21 March 2017

They have constructed the first Polish space drill, which will be launched beyond the atmosphere as soon as in a month. The device will facilitate extraction of elements from asteroids and construction of space mining machinery. Now the creators of the invention are raising money to travel to a Swedish launch site. It is another example of Wrocław's dreams of space exploration.


Extraction of valuable raw materials from under the surface of asteroids is the dream of the creators of the globally unique apparatus making it possible to examine the process of drilling rocks in zero gravity state and space vacuum conditions. All of this is thanks to a young Wrocław based start-up – the company Scanway ( developing at Wrocław Technology Park. The young engineers, by establishing cooperation with the European Space Agency and Wrocław University of Science and Technology, over the eighteen months' project named DREAM (DRilling Experiment for Asteroid Mining) constructed the first Polish space drill.

Drilling on asteroids may turn out to be very profitable, due to the presence of elements such as gold, platinum or tantalum. While their quantity on Earth is little, there are asteroids whose composition is 80% materials like these.

What is it like to drill in micro-gravity conditions?

In early spring of 2017, the device built in Wrocław will be launched in a suborbital rocket into outer space. The mission is intended to study drilling in micro-gravity conditions.

They need funds to travel to a launch site in Sweden

The rocket with the apparatus constructed in Wrocław will be launched at the Esrange launch site located in the north of Sweden. The Wrocław based DREAM team is seeking funds to be able to reach the launch site and prepare the device for the flight. 25 thousand PLN is needed for the seven engineers as plane tickets and accommodation in a hotel at the launch site must be paid for. For a few days, the crowdfunding platform has seen the team collecting money and in return offering various prizes – from a certification of support to stickers, tabs and the engine to perform drills in space.

Wrocław is conquering… space

The DREAM team is another example of Wrocław's dreams of space exploration. In early 2018, the Wrocław based SatRevolution SA plans to launch Polish first commercial satellites – Światowid and two Rusałkas – into the orbit. The company also plans to develop a satellite production plant.