Global Automotive Sector Partner to Open Shared Services Centre in Wrocław

9 March 2017

Um Wroc

The global conglomerate MAHLE will open a branch in Wrocław as soon as this year. The Shared Services Centre under development intended to handle IT and financial processes, will employ 90 staff at the initial stage of its operation.

MAHLE is a leading global partner contributing to the development of the automotive industry by offering unique solutions in the field of engine construction, filtration, electrics and mechatronics, as well as cooling systems. With its two units – in Krotoszyn (cylinder liners, pistons and valves) and Ostrów Wielkopolski (complete range of heat exchangers and cooling modules), the company has been operating in Poland for years. Striving for unification of the group's IT and financial processes, the concern has decided to develop a Shared Services Centre to provide services to the European market. The unit will be based in Wrocław's Nicolas Business Center building.  

What determined the choice of the new SSC's location was primarily the company’s many years' good experiences of running the mentioned facilities in Krotoszyn and Ostrów (employing a workforce of 5,000, in total). The proximity of both facilities of the capital of Lower Silesia turned out to be another essential factor. However, the most important argument in favour of locating the company's unit in Wrocław was the stable and diverse labour market of the agglomeration (availability of well-qualified and experienced talents with a good command of foreign languages).


MAHLE, one of the leading global partners contributing to the development of the automotive sector, is at the same time a key sub-supplier of this market. With its products and solutions, for both combustion and electric engines, MAHLE caters for all important areas related to the propulsion system and air conditioning: from engine systems and sub-assemblies, all the way through to filtration and thermal solutions. Almost every second vehicle in the world is equipped with MAHLE products. One can come across MAHLE's sub-assemblies and systems also away from roads, i.e. in stationary applications, mobile machinery, rail vehicles, and on ships and planes.

With its 76 thousand strong workforce employed in over 170 production facilities across 34 countries, the concern saw a turnover of about 11.5 billion EUR as of 2015. More than 6,000 engineers and development technicians work in its 15 big R&D centres in Germany, UK, Luxembourg, Slovenia, USA, Brazil, Japan, China and India to deliver innovative and future-oriented solutions for mobility.