Key economic data

Lower Silesia region is located in southwestern Poland and borders an Germany and Czech Republic. Next to the Silesian region Lower Silesia is second most urbanised voiwodships in Poland (71,1%). Background of the economical strenght of our province are mainly: natural environment, convenient location and accessibility along with the high quality of education, career development opportunities, support of local authorities and good promotion. In the last decade our effort to create good investment climate was appreciated by many global companies who decided to locate their business in our area.  Constant dynamic development of Lower Silesia and city of Wroclaw is attracting many young talents from other regions and countries. As the capital of Lower Silesia region, Wroclaw is economical core of the province.

Foreign Direct Investments in Wroclaw

Wroclaw ranks no.1 in field of foreign investments located in Poland in 2012. 18 Out of 53 investment projects mentored by the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investments were located in Lower Silesia.


Chosen economic data
Inflation Wroclaw 0.9%*
Inflation Poland 0,0%*
GDP per capita Wroclaw 16 638 USD** / 14 695 €
GDP growth Poland 1,6%***
Total GDP Poland (in bn) 529.9 USD*** / 468 €
GDP per capita Poland  13 240 USD*** / 11 694 €
Unemployment rate Wroclaw 4,5%*
Unemployment rate Wroclaw Agglomeration 10%*
Unemployment rate Lower Silesia 10,6%*
Unemployment rate Poland 11,4%*
Average monthly gross payment in Wroclaw in PLN 4 017.9****
Average monthly gross payment in Lower Silesia in PLN 3 841.4****
Average monthly gross payment in Wroclaw in in relation to nation's average in % 104,9%*
Population – Wrocław 632 067*
Population – Wroclaw Agglomeration 1 206 621*
Population – Lower Silesia 22 909 997*
Population – Poland 38 496 000*

* Source: Central Statistical Office (GUS)
** Source: Eurostat
*** Source: Wordl Bank
**** Source: HRK (03.2014)