Wrocławiu Automotive Production Support II

As soon as in a month, on April 6, Automotive Production Support II will be held in Wrocław. The closed trade event combines features of an exhibition of tools, solutions, services and substantive counselling and simultaneous lectures delivered by independent experts.

The meeting will attract most companies of the sector, represented by managers of key departments such as production, maintenance, logistics, quality control, construction and technology.

The partners and co-organisers of the event are leading suppliers of solutions supporting production processes. It is them who ensure that the guests receive an individual approach, consultancy, and a comprehensive range of solutions. These will include areas such as: production automation, maintenance support, industrial metrology, production logistics, software and hardware, tools, devices and machine components, prototyping, and research.

The trade-oriented platform created in this way aims to cater for the needs of companies hailing from the automotive sector by supporting the following areas:

– delivery of projects at hand,

– plans related to investment,

– extension of machines stock,

– process optimisation,

– development of technologies.


The speakers whose talks have been so far confirmed and their respective subjects are as follows:

– Optimisation of the production process, with the example of the Car Body Construction Department at Volkswagen Poznań. Piotr Nowak – Manager at the Car Body Construction Department – Volkswagen Poznań; Radosław Matuszak – Specialist: Robotics and Automatics – Volkswagen Poznań.
– Industry 4.0 in existing automotive production plants – General Motors Manufacturing Poland (Mariusz Deląg, Unit Manager, Manufacturing Engineering & Global Facilities)
– Implementation of new designs for production – Nexteer Automotive (Zbigniew Stoklosa Manufacturing Engineering & OPM Manager)
– Optimisation of the supply chain for a company’s production – Mann+Hummel Filtration Technology Poland (Karol Sobczyk, Strategic Buyer)
– Application and use of modern measurement software in production control – AE Group Polska ( Daniel Grochała PhD, Eng. – Quality Management Specialist)


The organiser Maciej Ratajczak along with the partners to the event have also prepared premières of solutions dedicated to the automotive industry, including the following:
ActiveCockpit by Bosch Rexroth – an interactive communication platform for industry. An information system collecting, filtering and visualising production data on an on-going basis.

FANUC CR-7iA – a NEW, six-axis cooperative robot manufactured under FANUC brand; 7 kg lifting capacity

FANUC ROBODRILL of the α-DiB5 series – a new generation milling centre.
ATOS ScanBox by Lenso – a complete optical device for measurement of 3D coordinates developed by GOM company to ensure efficient quality control in the production process.

Equator 300 by Renishaw is a universal device used for non-standard dimension control, alternative to expensive dedicated tests.

MeasurLink by Mitutoyo – makes it possible to manage many inspection “islands” at a production facility and combine them into a single system incorporating a data base with information on parts, statistical data, data concerning measurement devices, process data, etc.

Predicitive Maintenance by Balluff – helps control and maximise the effectiveness of the use of tool resources.

Mold-ID System by Balluff makes it possible to track the use of injection moulds, ensuring the optimal extent of their usage. To ensure full identifiability of moulds, each of them is equipped with a RFID data carrier.

Maintenance-free transport system Weasel by SSI Schäfer – designed to enable flexible and steady transport of cardboard boxes, containers and other materials at a production facility without the need to apply a classical conveyor system.

Multi-tooth slideway with grippers by Schunk allowing very big loading of gripper fingers, which results in durability but also ensures high precision and repetitiveness.

SWS – a system for automatic tool replacement on a robot made by Schunk. Unique “safety” solution of the blocking mechanism without elastic elements.


Let’s work together to present the Polish automotive market as an innovation-driven one and promote its advanced solutions as easily available tools. You’re welcome to contact us and visit the platform’s website: http://production-support.pl/

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