BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego company started construction of a new logistics centre in Wrocław. It is yet another investment of BSH Group at Żmigrodzka Street with the total value of all amounting to PLN 500 million. Two plants, one for refrigerators and one for ovens, will operate in the facility with the total surface of 30 thousand square metres.

Representatives of BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego inaugurated the construction of the new logistics centre at Żmigrodzka 143 Street in Wrocław during the cornerstone ceremony held on 6th of April 2018. Representatives of Wrocław commune, Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone, Management Board of BSH Home Appliances Group, Management Board of BSH in Poland and employees of the company took part in the ceremony.

100 thousand ovens and another investment of BSH Group in Wrocław
In 2019, a centre with the surface of 30 thousand square metres will service two plants of ovens and refrigerators whose opening took place in September 2017. The two plants, in which Germans invested PLN 500 million, will have 1300 workplaces.

Equipment manufactured in the plants located in Wrocław will be distributed through logistics centre to customers from almost all over the Europe.

BSH is looking for employees
The start of construction of the new logistics centre constitutes a part of BSH’s investment in Wrocław, whose total value amounts to PLN 500 million. Currently, BSH is recruiting for various positions related to the production and operation of machines. Information on vacancies can be found on, inter alia, the websites:,,

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