“Upper Odra for the Country’s Economy” – Plans to Bring back the Odra River’s Navigability

Lower Silesian Province Governor Paweł Hreniak hosted the meeting entitled “Upper Odra for the Country’s Economy” whose attendees included Minster of Water Management and Inland Shipping Marek Gróbarczyk, Deputy Minister of Water Management and Inland Shipping Jerzy Materna, Minister of the State Treasury Dawid Jackiewicz and Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski.

The meeting concerned government plans to bring back navigability to the river Odra as well as opportunities of making it useful to business. Among the guests, apart from the Ministers, were also heads of economic zones, state-owned companies, carriers and local self-governments’ representatives. Province Governor talked about the need for discussing the future of the Odra Waterway with entrepreneurs. “We want to invite everybody to this dialogue – we want to bring about a situation where enterprises include water transport in their development strategies as something obvious” – stressed Province Governor Paweł Hreniak. Before the meeting, the Ministers and Lower Silesian Province Governor visited Malczyce and a water barrage construction site.

Fot:Lower Silesian Province Governor’s meeting with the media

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