Wrocław is Poland’s leading innovation hub

Wrocław is Poland’s leading innovation hub, a strong academic centre, a city boasting the country’s largest number of research and development units of domestic and global companies, and a leader in terms of patent filing activity. What makes Wrocław and Lower Silesia so strong? What is the potential of the regional R&D infrastructure? What are the condition and needs of entrepreneurs undertaking research and development projects?

These are the questions to which answers can be found in the report entitled “The Potential and Research and Development-Related Needs of Wrocław Agglomeration’s Enterprises” developed by PWC, Antal and the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency SA. The publication will be presented at a conference to be held on May 10 at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. The representatives of the worlds of science and business attending the meeting will discuss the condition of the research and development sector in Wrocław Agglomeration. 

Innovation is a key factor necessary for the uninterrupted economic growth of Poland and improving our country’s position in the global value chain. The numerous and prestigious tertiary institutes, a considerable number of research units located in the agglomeration, and the diversity of the R&D fields they represent allow Wrocław to offer a very broad and comprehensive innovation and research and development offer to business. The capital of Lower Silesia has the potential of becoming one of the engines of a long-term development of innovation in Poland.

To be able to keep growing, we must learn about our potential and needs in terms of generating innovation.  I hope that the report will be a step in this direction – says Rafał Dutkiewicz, President of Wrocław, in the preface to the study – I believe that we will manage to develop a modern economy based on advanced technologies that will guarantee long-term growth and make Wrocław Poland’s main innovation hub.

The report “The Potential and Research and Development-Related Needs of Wrocław Agglomeration’s Enterprises” is the first study to offer such a comprehensive approach to the field of research and development in Wrocław agglomeration. The data included in the publication comprise a summary of the most important advantages of the city, a list of the most important investments, a compendium of Wrocław’s research and development infrastructure, as well as results of a survey conducted among entrepreneurs running business operations in the region. The report targets entrepreneurs, research and development units, tertiary institutes and potential investors.

Almost 100 representatives of the academic milieu, research and development institutions, business and local authorities will take part in the conference dedicated to the presentation of the report. After the presentation of the study, a discussion panel will be held with representatives of the worlds of business and science in attendance. The attendees will debate the condition of the Wrocław agglomeration’s R&D sector and the cooperation between research and development units and enterprises.

The conference is organised by the authors of the report in cooperation with the Centre for Information on Science and Technology of Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

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