Greenfield investments are executed on lands with no previous economic use and require more time and to a greater degree involve the Investor’s resources, compared to brownfield investments, where most responsibilities related to designing and implementation are taken over by the Developer. In the case of a greenfield investment, the Investor executes the investment from scratch on his own.

The following schema presents key steps essential for successful execution of a greenfield investment. Some of the steps may be executed simultaneously in order to speed up the investment process and launch the business activity.



Build to Suit (BTS)

BTS is a non-standard warehouse / industrial building constructed by a specialized real estate developer for the investor according to his customized needs. After parties agree on a set of requirements that have to be met and the BTS contract is signed a developer has to deliver the investment and cover all costs of construction and the investor is obliged to lease the building for a defined period of time, which usually ranges from 7 to 15 years.

BTS solutions are offered both by international and local developers and may be carried out on properties that are owned either by a developer or an investor

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