March 19th in Wroclaw Stadium- Energy Industry Mixer

On March 19, 2019, in the Conference Center of Warsaw Stadium, manufacturers, suppliers and users of components, machines and equipment for the electrical energy industry all will have the opportunity to meet, to get know what others offer and to establish cooperative business relationships. There will be the Energy Industry Mixer, a meeting for companies and institutions in the electrical energy industry based on the innovative model of “speed dating.”

“We know perfectly well how important, and at the same time complicated it is to find and select partners and clients in the energy industry – that’s also why we decided to organize this meeting, whose main idea is to make it possible for companies and institutions in this sector to meet the highest possible number of potential partners in the shortest possible time. We turned to the model, innovative in business, of “speed dating,” in which representatives of companies have the opportunity to quickly present their strengths and what they offer,” explains Fabrizio Bosetti, founder of Bosetti Global Consulting, the main organiser of the meeting.

Many of the most important manufacturers of equipment and solutions for the energy industry have already announced that they will participate, as have representatives of numerous institutions that support the energy sector and directly related industries, including industry associations from Poland and abroad, institutions of higher education, chambers of commerce, research and development institutes, the media, and so on.

Moreover, with the increase in the cost of electricity expected in Poland in 2019 (from 30-70% compared to 2018), and with a view toward the further growth of these prices in the following years, part of Energy Industry Mixer will be devoted to B2B meetings between industrial companies in such areas as home appliances, automotive, or aviation and other companies specialising in the following areas: technologies supplementing or replacing traditional sources of electricity, optimization of electricity use in production processes; energy management – the purchase of “green” energy and collective purchase of energy as well as planning savings; electricity storage systems,. etc.

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Co-organisers of the event are the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone INVEST PARK Sp. z o. o. and Energemini Polska, Sp. z o. o.; Partners and Institutions acting as Patrons of the event are the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers, the Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection IGEiOS, the Industrial Development Agency JSC, and Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the Polish Power Plant Economic Association (TGPE), the Polish Association for Energy Certification (PTCE), the Union of Electrotechnology Distribution Employers SHE, and The Lower Silesian Institute for Energy Studies, The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, the Consortium of Smart Power Grids Polska, Wrocław Smart City, the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency, Lower Silesia voivodship, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Poland.

Partner country for the first edition of Energy Industry Mixer will be the “Industrial System of Italy,” referring to the sector manufacturing components, machines and equipment for the electrical energy industry.

Registration for companies interesting in participating in the event and making new business contacts starts December 14, 2018 –register online at

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