Key sectors in Lower Silesia – an overview of specialties. Reports

Thanks to a strong economy, strategic location and a wide base of young talents, Lower Silesia is strengthening its position on the arena of the European investment market. In a rapidly growing region, it is crucial to monitor any trends affecting the economy to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Lower Silesia is perceived as a region of innovation, offering a wide range of opportunities for both large corporations and young startups, creating a unique business environment.

Aiming at economic promotion and presenting the current condition of the main sectors of the Lower Silesia Province, the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency has developed two comprehensive industry reports, which were published at the beginning of 2021. Both documents focus on six specialties in total:

  1. Chemistry and pharmacy
  2. Spatial mobility
  3. High-quality food
  4. Natural and recycled raw materials
  5. Manufacture of machines and appliances/material processing
  6. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Download reports and find out more:

Spacial mobility, ICT, manufacture of machines and appliances

Chemistry and pharmacy, high-quality food, natural and recycled raw materials


Paper under the project entitled ‘The Promotion of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia Nationwide and Abroad as an Attractive Region in Terms of Economy and Investments’

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