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Invest in Wroclaw is a joint initiative of the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and JP Weber, implemented in cooperation with Content Partners: “Invest Park”

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WSSE_organizatorThe Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone „INVEST-PARK” is the biggest and most dynamically developing industrial zone in Poland. In the ranking of the “fDi Magazine” (from The Financial Times group) it was ranked at the 4th place in Europe and the 22nd in the world. So far, over 150 entrepreneurs have invested in the WSEZ, including from Japan, Korea, Germany, USA and Italy. In total, the companies created more than 36 thousand jobs and invested almost 16 billion zł.

The WSEZ area includes 41 communities in four voivodeships of southwestern Poland (Lower Silesia, Opole, Greater Poland and Lubuskie voivodeships). The incentives for investing are tax breaks of (For Lower Silesia up to 40% for big companies, 50% for medium and 60% for small, after 1st July up to 25% for big companies, 35% for medium and 45% for small). The datebase of investment grounds is available on website:  An advantage of the investment areas are the good road, rail and air connections as well as the proximity of the Czech Republic and Germany. The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone still offers 860 hectares of attractive and developed land and provides care at every stage of the investment.


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