Closing borders for foreigners – important questions

The decision made by Polish Government to close borders for foreigners raised a lot of questions and doubts. The regulation itself is written in a rather general way, hence the exact interpretation of its provisions by the Border Guards remains unknown at this stage. We’ve prepared a quick summary of the most common questions addressed to the JP Weber Immigration Team by our Clients so far:

I have a valid “C” Schengen visa issued by the Polish Embassy, I wanted to come to Poland for business meetings. What should I do?

You must cancel your arrival to Poland within next 10 days. Visas will not be respected as a sufficient document entitling the foreigner to cross the border (unless he or she does not have other documents at the same time, e.g. a valid work permit).

Will a truck driver be admitted to Poland while carrying goods if he is a foreigner?

Yes, the regulation makes it clear that the ban does not apply to certain groups of foreigners, such as truck drivers and aircraft crews.

I work and live in Poland, but I belong to one of the groups exempted from the obligation to have a work permit in Poland (EU / EEA citizens, foreigners who are students of Polish universities, etc.). Will I be able to cross the border?

The regulation does not clearly indicate what should be done by groups of foreigners exempted from the obligation to have a work permit or a residence permit in Poland. At the moment, the most reasonable option seems to be to refrain from traveling until the relevant authorities will establish a clear interpretation of the regulation’s provisions in practice. However, if the trip is necessary, it may be helpful to have any documents confirming relationships with Poland (confirmation of permanent address registration in Poland, employment contract with a Polish employer, student ID issued by a Polish university, etc.). It should be remembered that the final decision on admission to Poland always belongs to the Border Guard officer.

My process of issuing a temporary residence permit is still in progress, I only have a stamp confirming the legality of the stay. Can I come to Poland?

Theoretically only a decision – a temporary residence permit in this case – will entitle you to enter Poland. But also in this case one can try to prove to the Border Guard the fact of permanent residence in Poland by means of other documents.

I live in Poland, but close to the German border, I work on the German side. Will I have to quarantine myself after returning to Poland from work?

No – the legal provisions explicitly exclude from the quarantine obligation persons who live and work in the border area and who cross the border every day for this reason.

As a foreigner, can I register my desire to return to Poland with a charter flight as part of the “Flight Home” campaign (“Lot do domu”)?

Yes, foreigners entitled to enter Poland may register in the “Flight home” (“Lot do domu”) action
on the same terms as Polish citizens.

The JP Weber Immigration Team stays in touch with the Border Guard and other institutions to clarify any doubts and obtain new information for you. In case of any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal.


Source: JP Weber

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