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Exchange of experiences in the area of designing and conducting innovation policies was the main aim of the Polish-Finnish seminar. The conference, with deputy minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, representatives of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy and VTT - the Finnish Institute of Technical Research in attendance, was held on February 2-3 2016 at the seat of the Ministry of Development. 

The seminar was an opportunity to exchange experiences related to reorganisation of research institutes, cooperation between science and business and the prospect of the two countries' collaboration. The seminar's goal was also to intensify the cooperation between Polish and Finnish research institutes and enterprises as well as develop proposals of joint projects. The meeting was opened by the junior minister at the Ministry of Development Jadwiga Emilewicz and Finnish ambassador Hanna Lehtinen.

Deputy minister Emilewicz emphasised Polish ambitions in the area of shaping the innovation driven market as well as research and development potential. Moreover, she discussed the priorities of innovation and industrial policy for the coming years. She also addressed the role of cooperation and creating a dynamic ecosystem
and environment for innovation-driven enterprises as well as the role of education in stimulating citizens' creativity and innovation.  

Ambassador Lehtinen brought up the subject of the role of Polish-Finnish cooperation and the importance of the Polish market for Finnish economy. She also reminded how many Finnish companies are carrying out their investments in Poland and talked about Polish people's growing interest in the subject of innovation in Finland.

Jouko Soukas, vice preesident of VTT, presented Finland as a country of scientists and engineers, a comprehensively educated nation, one that commits significant private funds to R&D. He pointed out that companies investing in ground-breaking innovation usually record 2-3 times bigger sales. He also presented VTT as a competent partner for enterprises conducting research and development work as well as those working on new products and business models.

Source: https://www.mr.gov.pl