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Smart City Forum of smart cities

is the largest congress in Poland devoted to the functioning and development of smart cities. During two days, you can meet in person with industry experts, learn about the needs of residents and the latest solutions for smart cities, share experiences with authorities and practitioners, and talk with other participants.

October 13-14, Smart City Forum 2021

This year's 13th edition of the event takes place in Warsaw. - Together, we will consider how cities and regions are to deal with these difficult times of crisis caused by the pandemic. Today, every local government official asks himself how much technology influences the shape of our local communities, especially in the times of a pandemic, hopefully post-pandemic crisis, said Mayor Jacek Sutryk, whose video speech was one of the first at this year's Smart City Forum.

The program of this year's 13th edition will cover key issues, including City of man - Human Smart City, program "Rescue Without Barriers" - social application of the combination of Blockchain technology functionality with IoT for emergency services in Polish local governments, Future of payments - the perspective of cities, Smart Village in the technological, investment, economic and social aspect, Smart- Lighting, Future of the city transport, Ekomiasto.