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On Wednesday, February 3, Werner Borgers, head of the Borgers AG conglomerate received a document whereby the German manufacturer of textiles for the automotive industry will develop a production facility in Złotoryja. In practice it means 150 new workplaces in the region for a start, and even 600 when the business develops. Złotoryja has seen a true investment boom for the past few months. Last year, it was the most frequently chosen location for investment in Legnica's economic zone.

The development of Borgers Polska facility will start in spring. The investment, worth over 127 million PLN at its first stage and even 220 million when it has been completed, was an object of a few Polish locations' competition. There were many partners involved in the project, including Legnica Special Economic Zone, the authorities of Złotoryja, the Agency of Agricultural Property and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ). In the end, the conglomerate decided to locate its business on a 10 ha plus plot in Złotoryja.

Borgers AG is a company producing goods for the automotive industry. It supplies products including car seat upholstery, headlines and noise muffling components for vehicle interiors. Borgers Polska sp. z o.o. is Borgers AG's first investment in Poland. The company has branches in Germany (with HQ in Bocholt), Belgium, Czech Republic, as well as the USA (22 facilities) and China (3 production plants) - altogether 24 locations all over the world. It employs about 6 thousand staff, with annual turnover of the whole group amounting to over 700 million EUR. The company's biggest clients include Volkswagen Group, Daimler, BMW, Volvo, GM and PSA Peugeot-Citroen.

Thanks to the investment in the Zone, the Bocholt based company will become the biggest employer in the administrative district of Złotoryja. According to Borgers's pledge, the launch of production is planned for January 2017, by which time the first production facility, with floor area of 15,000 sq m, will have been developed. The plant will be consistently expanded, increasing its employment volume up to 600 staff. Recruitment for managerial positions started in January with jobs to be filled including   HR, quality, production and logistics managers. The project poses an opportunity to change the economic situation of the administrative district, where the unemployment rate accounts for almost 25%. Moreover, the authorities of Złotoryja are announcing further growth and attempts to attract more investments.