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Business and investments

Although 2022 was a very challenging year, it brought concrete results in the form of more completed business projects.

"The first part of the year, as for everyone, was difficult, but together in conjunction with business representatives we managed to cope with this crisis situation. The return to full-scale stationary events, which we had the opportunity to organize this year, proved the strength and continued need for meetings. The 21st Economic Forum in Karpacz, the next edition of Made in Wroclaw are just a few examples confirming the thesis of the need to continue such projects in the coming years. Also, the continuation of the process of obtaining work and residence permits for employees of agglomeration companies made us realize how important and necessary this tool for supporting investors is."

Mateusz Jarzombek, director of the Business Support Center 

The past year has proved to be very intensive and full of projects. These include both brand new direct investments in the Wroclaw agglomeration and the further development of companies that already operate here.

"As for the development of the modern business services sector, we can mention new investors such as Controlant, Jabil, iTech Art and BASF's shared services center. We are very pleased with the further development of companies already established in Wroclaw. As an example, let me mention EY GDS, Spyrosoft or Fresenius Kabi. Also in the manufacturing sector, we have seen a very strong recovery: the continued development of LG Energy Solution, Align Technology or Nestlé Purina, but also brand new investments, which we will be able to announce at the beginning of 2023."

Aleksandra Klonowska-Drozd, Head of Investment Support Team

This year the team has received more than 100 investor inquiries, contributed to the opening of 13 new companies, and thus to the creation of more than 3,000 new jobs in the manufacturing, IT and business services sectors.

Wroclaw with the biggest number of startups registered

We worked all year to strengthen the Wroclaw startup ecosystem and proudly announced more successes of our companies.

"We end the year 2022 with amazing awards, thanks to which we have marked the presence of Wroclaw, and the technologies created here, even more strongly on the world map. The best culmination of this year's efforts is, according to the Startup Poland Foundation report, Wroclaw's position as a national leader in the startup market. In addition to the flagship events Startup Wroclaw: Evolutions and Made in Wroclaw, we also published a report titled "Gamedev in the Wroclaw Agglomeration," in which we examined Wroclaw-based game development companies."

Paulina Muszyńska, Head of Development Projects Team

Providing suport to almost 1000 foreigners

The Foreign Employees Support Team has established cooperation in legalization with 21 companies.

"We provided support to 918 foreigners (submission of new applications, joining ongoing proceedings, consultations). We submitted 602 new applications and received decisions for 263 people. In addition, we conducted many trainings on the procedure for legalization of residence for investors and their employees, and supported Ukrainian citizens by organizing webinars and information meetings to facilitate adjustment to the new reality in Poland."

Jakub Frączyk, Head of Foreign Employees Support Team