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At the beginning of the gala, Magdalena Okulowska, president of ARAW, the organizer of the Wrocław 30 Creative plebiscite, recalled that this was the seventh edition of the event, and over 180 people and teams were awarded in four categories (business, culture / art / design, science, society / city).

- The ambition of Wroclaw.pl, ARAW and the City of Wroclaw is to connect different worlds, build a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, which will contribute to a more dynamic development of the city - said Magdalena Okulowska. - Our winners have all the features, such as talent, diligence, sensitivity, but also something else - courage and the will to turn dreams into concrete things - emphasized the president of ARAW, who appeared on stage not only as the host, but also presented the statuettes in the "Business" category.

Emose Uhunmwangho about Wroclaw DNA

At the beginning, a surprise for the guests and viewers of the gala broadcast over the Internet was the premiere song by the star of the Capitol Musical Theater and the excellent Wroclaw singer Emose Uhunmwangho, who sang about Wroclaw that no matter where you are from, this is our home, here is our heart. "I like to wander on my bike, get lost, sink, cuddle in the murmur, listen to the buzz, soak up the city" - this is just a fragment of a new piece about the DNA of the capital of Lower Silesia.

 Laureates about love for the city

Many of this year's winners mentioned their Wroclaw in thanksgiving.

- It is said that Wroclaw is a city of dwarfs, but for me it is a city of giants - emphasized Dr. Maja Krefft (awarded in the "Science" category). - Wroclaw definitely has energy and I give energy - said Dr. Wojciech Wodo, who studies cyberspace (awarded in the "Science" category).

The band Less Is Lessie released this year's album about Wroclaw (sponsored by fans) not by accident. - We want to stay in the Wroclaw context with creativity - announced Filip Kozak.

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The ceramist Janina Myronowa (awarded in the "Culture / Art / Design" category) wrote in a letter that Wrocław is her city and she is very happy that thanks to the wonderful people who surround her, her dreams come true here.

I am very happy to be able to create in Wroclaw. Listening to the sounds of this city is a great inspiration for me "- emphasized Piotr Damasiewicz, Wroclaw trumpeter and activist awarded in the" Culture / Art / Design "category in a thank-you letter.

Moving winners, strong slogans, funny punch lines

During the gala of the seventh edition of the Wroclaw 2021 Creative 30 plebiscite, absolutely all the winners were strongly applauded, but the material devoted to Janina Matejuk, an amateur filmmaker who documented the life of the city since the 1980s, thanked the person / persons who submitted her to the plebiscite and sent greetings to the retirees, wishing them to have the courage to pursue their innermost dreams and passions. After the ceremony, Ms. Janina had a real queue of fans who wanted to meet her, and among the new fans are last year's creative ones - Emilia Czuryk and Milena Tyczyńska, who admitted that they were waiting for the gala and meeting interesting people, which was impossible last year.

Tatiana Iwanow from the Foundation "Za Wolnosc Nasza i Wasza" (award in the "Society / City" category) caused a real applause, thanking all Belarusians from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia for the support they receive every day and at the end she called with hope: "Zywie Bielarus".

Dr.Anna Oleszkiewicz, a researcher of human smell (award in the "Science" category), joked that as a scientist she was more used to the fact that no one listened to her, than that so many people were listening at once, and added that she dreams of we managed to continue the interdisciplinary cooperation in Wroclaw. And that Poland would cease to value ideology more than science.

Dr. Maja Krefft, a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry (awarded in the "Science" category), said that she treats the award as a spotlight on child psychiatry, which is now going through difficult times.

Radek Miszczak, an entrepreneur in creative industries, a native of Wroclaw (laureate in the "Business" category), joked that it is probably impossible to be completely normal to decide to do business in Poland, in Poland now - as he emphasized.

- I would like to encourage you, because there are a lot of creative people in Wroclaw, so that you can see them in your surroundings, appreciate them, support them on this exciting and bumpy life path that they have chosen, because it is not only a matter of creativity to follow this path, but also of exposure at risk. I hope that none of the New Lays will change that - added Miszczak.

On the other hand, Krzysztof Jarzyna, a practitioner in the automotive industry, dedicated the award in the "Business" category to his spouse, who tolerates his creativity on a daily basis and devoted a lot to enable him to develop professionally. The winner of the Wroclaw 30 Creative plebiscite emphasized that the family is the most important for him, and apart from the fact that it is worth being creative, it is also worth being decent - he concluded.

With a little help from the city, it can work

The laureates took advantage of the presence of President Jacek Sutryk and in their gratitude they indicated that they also counted on assistance in the implementation of projects. Magdalena Kreis and Yuriy Biley from the NOWY ZLOTY project (gallery in a kiosk, awarded in the "Culture / Art / Design" category) emphasized that they are currently working in Lublin, but are hoping to return to Wroclaw.

- We hope that this award will open it up - said Magdalena Kreis, and Yuriy Biley added: - See you in Wroclaw.

Alan Weiss, who searches for places where you can find post-German tombstones and wants them to be turned into a lapidarium (awarded in the "Society / City" category), said that he hoped that he would now be able to cooperate with the city on this project.

The EKOSTRAZ Animal Protection Association (awarded in the "Society / City" category) dreams, in turn, of a great asylum with veterinary facilities.

Due to the failure to meet the formal requirements by one of the Creative, 29 winners were awarded this year.

During the gala, the broadcast was translated into sign language by Agata Mazienczuk and Elzbieta Resler.