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In 2021, the American company 3M began rebuilding its supply chain structures. In Wroclaw the company has located a new unit - the Planning Service Center (PSC), i.e. the Procurement Planning Service Center for all 3M plants in the EMEA region, (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Ultimately it will be responsible for purchasing and supplying production materials to all 3M factories in the region.

Opportunity for interesting professional development

The 3M Procurement Planning Service Centre in Wroclaw currently employs 40 people. Due to its intensive development over the next few months the company plans to hire more employees - mainly experts in material planning and cooperation with suppliers.

- The launch of 3M's planning centre has made it easier for us to standardise purchasing processes in our company, which until now have varied greatly from country to country. This is the first step towards increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the supply chain for the entire EMEA region. PSC also means new jobs on the Wroclaw market and a chance for interesting professional development in an organisation operating within global structures

- says Małgorzata Wojdas, Project Manager at 3M.

The scope of PSC's activities includes over 150 thousand components, purchased from 5.7 thousand suppliers from various parts of the world. The purchases are delivered to 28 3M production plants located in such countries as Poland, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. The company does not rule out further development plans for the PSC, considering centralising further processes within its supply chain.

The PSC is located in the 3M Superhub building on Kowalska Street in Wroclaw. The employed people will also have the possibility to work remotely.

3.5 thousand employees in Wroclaw

The 3M company has been operating on the Polish market for over 30 years. During that time it has invested over 2.5 billion PLN in Poland. The company's largest production centre in Europe is the Wroclaw Superhub, which manufactures 12,000 different products within four business lines: safety and industry, transport and electronics, health care and consumer solutions.

Also located in Wroclaw is the Shared Service Centre (GSC) which supports all 3M divisions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the areas of finance and accounting, data management, human resources, customer service, marketing and sales, purchasing, automation, security and IT.

The capital of Lower Silesia is also home to a modern Research and Development Centre, where more than 200 scientists develop new products, adapt them to local markets and create innovative solutions for customers around the world.

Wroclaw is also home to the 3M Innovation Centre - an interactive centre that showcases the company's technological capabilities. It is also home to the 3M Training Centre, a 2,000 sq metre laboratory where the company's products can be tested. In total the company already employs around 3,500 people in Wroclaw.