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The 3M concern is one of the largest technology and production companies in the world, offering over 60 thousand of various products, which improve the daily work of specialists in many fields, improve safety standards in the workplace, reduce the risk of infection, support the treatment process, improve the quality of life at home, and are even used in the space industry.

Investments worth billions

During the 30 years of its presence in Poland, the company has invested over PLN 2.5 billion here. Although its headquarters is located in Kajetany near Warsaw, the company's largest production center in the region of Central and Eastern Europe is Superhub in Wroclaw. Also a Shared Services Center (GSC) that supports all 3M branches in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the fields of finance and accounting, data management, HR matters, customer service, marketing and sales, purchasing, automation, security and IT is located in the capital of Lower Silesia.

In Wroclaw, there are also two important for 3M centers operating - a modern Research and Development Center, where over 200 scientists develop new products, adapt them to local markets and create innovative solutions for customers around the world and the 3M Innovation Center - an interactive center in which the company's technological capabilities are presented. The 3M Training Center also has its place here, i.e. a laboratory with an area of ​​2,000 square meters, where the concern's products can be tested. It is a space for open exchange of experiences of professionals, in which practical solutions are created for many branches of industry.

3M - R&D Centre

One of the largest investors in Wroclaw

During its 30-year history in Poland, 3M has become one of the flagship investors in Wroclaw, actively cooperating with the city hall, the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and local economic and academic institutions.

It is here that the heart of the East Europe 3M region has been beating for 20 years. There is a reason why we have located the Superhub in Wroclaw - one of our five largest production centers in the world. Today we produce over 12 thousand innovative products that we export with the "made in Poland" label to almost the whole world. This success would not have been possible without the 3M team, but also without many years of successful cooperation, among others with the local government, universities, as well as with our business partners and clients. - Radosław Kaskiewicz, president and managing director of 3M East Europe Region

Conditions for developing talent

As representatives of the 3M claim, it is not only a company that uses the latest global technologies, it is also an organization that strongly focuses on its employees.

In the world, more than 4,000 people work in the 3M Global Service Center, and almost 1,500 people in the Global Service Center Poland in Wroclaw. Each of them brings invaluable value to our organization. It is the various points of view, the multiplicity of experiences, and the sharing of knowledge that allow us to introduce future-changing innovations. We create conditions in which everyone can develop their talents. The multitude of different job positions and an open organizational culture are favorable for everyone at 3M to find their place. This is where our strength lies. - Vangelis Savvas, general director of 3M Global Service Center Poland

In Poland, for the first time outside the US, the concern has implemented a global cooperation program with 3M Manufacturing & Academic Partnership (MAP) for technical schools, which supports and develops technical and vocational education in Lower Silesia. In June 2021, the company transferred a grant for the purchase of modern teaching equipment worth over PLN 0.5 million for the Vocational Training Center in Wroclaw and the Vocational School Complex in Olesnica. Thanks to this, both institutions will train potential employees of the factories of the future, using elements of Industry 4.0.

Socially responsible for years

During this year's Economic Forum in Karpacz, 3M won the Award of the President of Wrocław - Socially Responsible Business. It distinguishes companies that care about the local community, as well as the comfort of work and life of their employees. It is a form of honoring their activities, as well as an inspiration for other entities operating in Lower Silesia.

Actions taken by 3M during a pandemic include, among others, donations to the Food Bank in Wroclaw and help for an orphanage in Jaszkotle, where the company built a playground, and provided the facility with a bus adapted to transport disabled children. The company also supports schools in Wroclaw. In 2020, during World Volunteer Day, 3M employees financed over 400 lunches for the charges of St. Brother Albert Charity Foundation in Wroclaw. The company doubled that number by funding another 500 meals.

Business in the city is extremely important. All the more important when it grows into its tissue not only economically but also socially. I consider joint action for the benefit of the environment, education and the broadly understood quality of life as a value that cannot be overestimated. 3M is an example of such a symbiosis. Congratulations on your anniversary and I wish you continued success.. - Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wrocław

For the sake of the natural environment

3M shows great commitment to care for the surrounding environment.

We not only care about the highest quality of our products, using the latest technologies and implementing the assumptions of Industry 4.0, but also pay attention to the needs of the environment and act to ensure that our impact on them is positive. From the beginning of 2021, all 3M offices and factories in Poland are powered by 100% renewable energy. - Dominika Kawala, director of 3M Wrocław production plants

The company also inspires its employees to act actively for the planet. It promotes environmentally friendly behavior at work and in private life. Thanks to this, the 3M crew is involved in forest cleaning and takes part in tree planting actions. A city bike station for employees and residents of the city has also been opened at the concern's Wroclaw factory.

A bit of history with Wrocław in the background

1991 - the beginning of activity as 3M Poland Sp. z o.o., employing 8 employees at that time

1997 - construction of the headquarters of 3M Poland in Kajetany near Warsaw

2001 - purchase of the Viscoplast S.A. factory in Wroclaw, producer of, among others medical plasters and dressings, the beginning of its modernization and the launch of production of new 3M medical devices

2004 - we launch a factory of Scotchcast ™ stabilizing bands (so-called "light gypsum") in Wroclaw

2005 - opening of the Research and Development Center in Wroclaw

2006-2013 - creation and expansion of the new Superhub production center in Wroclaw

2013 - opening of the Innovation Center in Wroclaw

2015 - one of the three Shared Service Centers located in Wroclaw, which supports all 3M plants and offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

2017 - opening of the Training Center in Wroclaw, where over 11,000 people will be trained in the coming years. customers from this part of Europe

2020 - employing a thousandth employee at the 3M Shared Services Center (GSC)

2020 - all our plants in Poland achieve the "zero landfill" status, which means that no waste generated by 3M ends up in a landfill

2020 - we invest over PLN 100 million in a new production line for industrial filters, necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals, including COVID-19 vaccines

2021 - all 3M plants and offices in Poland are powered by 100%. energy from renewable energy sources

2021 - launching an industrial automation laboratory in the Vocational Training Center together with the City of Wroclaw under the Manufacturing & Academic Partnership (MAP) program.

Today, 3M in Poland is:

  • 6 factories and 200 modern production lines using digitization and process automation (Industry 4.0)
  •  Over PLN 2.5 billion in investments
  •  4.2k employees
  • PLN 200 million - average annual value of investments in recent years
  •  Over 400 completed projects and implementations for the benefit of the natural environment
  • 12 thousand products shipped worldwide
  • 1.6K customers and business partners
  • 900 employees annually engaged in activities for the benefit of local communities
  • Over 30,000 people who visited the 3M Innovation Center in Wroclaw