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There is a decision to create the Lower Silesia Production and Service Center of the Polish Armament Group. The center will be created as a result of the merger of two companies - IT-RADWAR S.A., based in Warsaw (the acquiring company), and Wojskowy Zaklady Lacznosci No. 2 S.A., based in Czernica near Wroclaw. See visualizations of the new investment.

The capital consolidation between PIT-RADWAR S.A. and WZL-2 in Czernica allows for a significant expansion of the PGZ Group's production and service capabilities. Implementing further tasks of the Group's strategy, on the basis of the emerging branch of PIT-RADWAR S.A., the company's management board decided to create a Lower Silesia Production and Service Center PGZ

informs the PIT-RADWAR company.

Great investment of the Polish Armament Group near Wroclaw. Details

An infrastructure investment of more than PLN 300 million and the presence of American partners translates into the attractiveness of work in this part of the Polish Armament Group. Planned employment growth in the coming years is estimated at 250 percent.

New jobs, training packages, new technologies, and advanced equipment are beginning to become the region's calling card on the map of the Polish defense industry.

The center, together with the Wroclaw Branch, will be a strong competence center, performing tasks in two areas:

1. Production and servicing of all specialized electronics related to L3Harris-licensed devices:

  • RF-9820S type handheld radios with accessories,
  • RF-5000, RF-5800, AN/PRC 117, AN/PRC 152 and AN/PRC 150 series radios with TYPE-1 crypto modules,
  • the latest AN/PRC-158, AN/PRC-160V, AN/PRC-163 radio stations with crypto TYPE-1 modules
  • command vehicles on HONKER vehicles with built in WD KF 400W, ZWD IRYS 2000 radio stations,
  • training of users in the operation of equipment and achievement of Instructor level capabilities,
  • servicing of communications equipment included in the IBCS system,
  • total of about 6,000 copies of currently operated radios in the Polish Armed Forces. Ultimately, in operation in the SZ is planned approx. 20000 ex.

2. Service Center for all command systems, radar systems and weapons systems supplied by the PGZ Group's electronic domain:

  • 24 service response teams constituting the first line of support for military units throughout the country,
  • material hub with the main part of the ILS (integrated logistic support system) implementation,
  • a fleet of mobile service workshops.

- The realization of the tasks facing the Center is supported by technology transfer agreements concluded at MSPO 2023 and business agreements with L3Harris. They also result from the provisions of the latest contracts for the supply of systems signed with the Defense Ministry Armament Agency in recent months, PIT-RADWAR reports.