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The Office of Electronic Communications, the city of Rzeszow, the city of Wroclaw and the Pawel Adamowicz Union of Polish Metropolises have embarked on a joint initiative aimed at the effective use of frequency bands for the expansion of private networks operated by local government units and businesses.

Technology can support everyday life

The innovative approach to Smart City proposed by the agreement includes not only the technical and legal aspect aimed at potential investors building private networks, but also emphasizes the social benefits of these solutions for residents.

This event is of great importance for both Wroclaw and Rzeszow. Both cities are betting on innovative solutions to meet the challenges of modern society. The introduction of dedicated frequency bands for the development of private networks will bring not only efficiency, but also an improvement in the quality of life of residents. The agreement also covers the legal and technical aspects of implementing the new solutions.

Our goal is to create not only modern cities, but first and foremost citizen-friendly places where technology supports everyday life.

Jacek Sutryk, mayor of Wroclaw


Our cities, Rzeszow and Wroclaw, are heading towards the future, using the potential of modern technologies for the benefit of residents.

Konrad Fijolek, mayor of Rzeszow

They will implement private 5G networks

According to Dr. Jacek Oko, President of the Office of Electronic Communications, before the decision was made to allocate dedicated bandwidth for the network to private investors, discussions were held with many local governments and organizations bringing them together. According to him, the level of understanding of the potential inherent in 5G and digitization varies greatly among them.

With Wroclaw and Rzeszow, as well as the Union of Polish Metropolises, we understood each other practically without words from the very beginning. That's why I'm very happy that it is in such a team that we will educate and show the experience of private 5G network deployments.

Dr. Jacek Oko

How will Smart City affect the lives of residents?

The signing of the agreement is another step towards integrated and smart development of cities in Poland. Thanks to the cooperation of key institutions, it will be possible to introduce modern solutions that will positively affect the quality of life of residents and enable effective management of urban space.

The agreement envisages carrying out joint communication and promotional campaigns, aimed at both potential investors and the local community. Their purpose will be to demonstrate the benefits of Smart City applications in the daily lives of residents.

We are proud to support initiatives aimed at the technological development of our cities. Smart City is not only the future, but already the present.

Dorota Babiak-Kowalska, Managing Director of the Union of Polish Metropolises