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As many as 28 percent more passengers used the airport last month than in November 2022. What connections contributed to this?

The winter route network included a direct connection to Seoul, which we had been seeking for a very long time. We also debuted cities such as Agadir and Valencia, which are very popular with travelers. The frequency of flights to the most popular destinations, such as Amsterdam and the British Isles, has also been increased. Ahead of us are the final weeks of an exceptionally successful year, in which we broke the previous record in the number of passengers served.

Cezary Pacamaj, CEO of Wroclaw Airport

The number of passengers served in the entire record-breaking year of 2019 was surpassed in the second half of November, when passenger numbers 3548026 and 3548027 landed. Since then, the airport has been going for a new record. This year culminated in the summer season, during which Wroclaw Airport handled 1.33 million passengers.

Planning for the 2024 summer season is already underway, with direct flights to Copenhagen and Oslo operated by Norwegian airlines returning to the offer. Also new will be a flight to Helsinki operated by Finnair and a flight to Marseille officially confirmed by Ryanair. Both destinations will debut with the beginning of April.

Later in the winter, Dubai will join the offer. Charter flights to the largest city in the United Arab Emirates will operate every Friday from December 22.