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Joining the ranks of new tenants in Wroclaw's Sky Tower is SatRev, a company specializing in space technology for real-time Earth observation.

A space laboratory will open in the Sky Tower

Starting in spring 2023, it will occupy 800 sqm of modern and representative office space, which will also house a laboratory where the company will manufacture and then test its satellites before sending them into orbit.

SatRev is a passionate and innovative company, and joining as a tenant fits perfectly with our strategy. We are proud that the sky-reaching Sky Tower has been chosen as the target location for the office and laboratory of this innovative Wroclaw-based company. We also have great hope that it is in our spaces that many pioneering projects will be created that will continue to revolutionize the market.

Agnieszka Muż, Senior Asset Manager at Adventum Group, the fund managing the Sky Tower complex

Nanosatellites, manufactured by SatRev, are small-sized artificial satellites of a few tens of centimeters. Despite their size, they have a set of subsystems that allow them to control their position very accurately and take a series of images of the Earth's surface, with five-meter resolution. With this kind of modern technology, Earth's infrastructure can be accurately monitored.

Their satellites are used in agriculture, military and transportation

Its wide range of uses works well in the government sector, including for observing the movement of troops and refugees, as well as in transportation, environmental protection, energy or agricultural industries.

Relocating the office was only a matter of time. At the current rate of growth, we need a place where our team, and more people joining us, can develop projects for international clients and governments in a comfortable environment. The new office gives us 800 sqm of space where, in addition to the strictly office area, we will have our research laboratory. In addition, security is an important issue, both for employees, but also for access to our technology and information. Sky Tower is where the new story of SatRev, a company with global aspirations, begins.

Grzegorz Zwolinski, CEO of SatRev