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Just one year after the official launch of the Aira brand, the production of intelligent heat pumps has begun, which will accelerate the company's growth in the European market. The company's factory in Wroclaw was officially opened by Martin Lewerth - CEO of the Aira Group, Harald Mix - President of Aira, Anna Uggla - Charge d'Affaires of the Swedish Embassy and Piotr Wojtyczka - President of the Walbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest - Park.

There was Volvo, there is Aira

2023. Aira has agreed to take over the factory of another Swedish company - Volvo. The 220,000 square meters plant will produce up to 500,000 heat pumps per year. Up to 2,000 people will find work here over the next decade.

The Wroclaw site was chosen for its skilled workforce and excellent facilities, which allowed Aira to significantly accelerate the start of production.

According to Peter Prem, Product Director, this is an important moment for Aira and all the teams involved.

We quickly transformed the bus factory into an Aira heat pump factory. We are proud to officially open it today, one year after we announced the launch of the company.
Peter Prem

A market with huge potential

With Europe's decarbonisation targets, the demand for heat pumps is set to grow rapidly. Aira's ambition is to supply 5 million European homes with clean energy technology solutions over the next decade. The Wroclaw factory is expected to play a key role in achieving this goal. 

This is not just a factory. It is a symbol of our commitment to innovation, sustainability and a zero-carbon future for Europe.
Martin Lewerth

Today, there are still 130 million fossil fuel boilers heating homes across Europe, according to Martin Lewerth. This is a market with huge potential, but also an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and lower customer bills.

Our Polish plant is crucial to this transformation and it is excellent that we are starting now.
Martin Lewerth

15 million euro grant from the Polish government

Aira has received a 15 million euro grant from the Polish government to establish a subsidiary in Wroclaw, Poland.

The opening of Aira's factory in Wroclaw is a confirmation of the excellent business relationship between Sweden and Poland. This cooperation reflects our shared commitment to innovation, sustainable growth and the decarbonisation of Europe.
Anna Uggla

Aira provides net-zero energy solutions to consumers using clean energy technologies. It is a provider of complete energy saving solutions for the home, with intelligent heat pumps at its core.