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"Wrocław is Entrepreneurial" is a conference organized by the Wrocław Technology Park, which for the second time attracted numerous representatives of Wrocław's business and scientific community, who again discussed, among other things, the role of the city in supporting the development of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The most important thing in business is an environment conducive to development and the right atmosphere. Wroclaw is a special place in this regard. We are trying to create conditions conducive to making it as easy as possible for companies to run here.

Sebastian Lorenz, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

Business must be responsible not only for itself

The conference program included expert talks on the importance of corporate social responsibility, inspiration sessions with pitches of innovative Wroclaw ideas, and discussions on digitization and the role of innovation in the dynamically changing business and technological reality.

In our companies, we usually think about their impact on the environment and the well-being of employees. Therefore, one of the topics discussed here is corporate social responsibility, which should not be a part of marketing, but a separate part of a company's activities.

Bartłomiej Ciazynski, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław

Entrepreneurs have an impact on the future of Wroclaw's citizens

The conference presented, among other things, the results of the "Responsible for the Future" report, issued by WPT, the Pro Mathematica Foundation and Insight. It was complemented by a panel discussion titled "What is Wroclaw business responsible for?", which included representatives of WPT, Credit Agricole, MPWiK Wroclaw and WSB Merito University, among others.

The Polish entrepreneur is a very valuable individual, who takes responsibility not only for himself, but also for a multitude of people around him, including his employees and their families, and faces tax and financial challenges. I believe it is worthy of support and the creation of a proper base. I would like to see it grow stronger and more complete.

Maciej Potocki, president of Wroclaw Technology Park

The digital face of the city was unveiled

The conference also presented the Wro4digITal project, the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) of Wrocław, created by a consortium of 22 institutions offering comprehensive support in the digital transformation process.

It will enable Lower Silesian companies and public administration units to benefit from free expert services and modernize the way they produce or provide services in line with current digitization trends. In the "Digital Wroclaw" panel discussion on the role of digitization in business, representatives of Kyndryl, Columb Technologies / Taxxo, Identt and Wroclaw University of Technology discussed the topic.

This is where the magic happens

Conference participants also took part in a panel discussion entitled "What is innovation today?".  Representatives from WPD Pharmaceuticals, Healthcann, GREEN SEQUEST and Unitem Mower, among others, pondered this. In turn, representatives of the University of Economics, Kolejkowa, LightApply and Imago Foundation discussed what drives Wroclaw entrepreneurship.

Wroclaw is a place where great things are done together, not alone. In fact, every venture that is undertaken in this city has such an action model. This makes magic happen here.

Barbara Mroz - Gorgon, prof. of Wrocław University of Economics