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Bioceltix debuts on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

They announced that they would do so, and they kept their word. In November 2021. Bioceltix of Wroclaw - as the first veterinary biotechnology company - debuted on the NewConnect market. As of September 5, 2022. Bioceltix is now on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. See, photo of Bioceltix's debut on the WSE.

Bioceltix is working on projects that could revolutionize medicines for animals. These include drugs for dogs - for osteoarthritis and atopic dermatitis lesions - and a drug designed for horses suffering from arthritis.

We have been consistently implementing the adopted development strategy, the move to a major stock exchange is part of it. We announced it on the occasion of our debut on NewConnect, now we are simply fulfilling these promises.

Paweł Wielgus, Ph.D.,Eng., Member of the Management Board of Bioceltix

Łukasz Bzdzion, president and co-founder of the Wroclaw-based company, notes the advancement of ongoing projects.

We are pleased that the stock market plans are going hand in hand with the advancement of projects. We are maintaining a good pace in all areas. As planned and announced, we are in the actual research phase in the clinical pilot for atopic dermatitis and the clinical trial for osteoarthritis lesions in dogs, and in the safety study in horses. This means that in all projects we are already after administering our drug candidates to animals.

Łukasz Bzdzion, CEO and co-founder of Wroclaw-based Bioceltix

Bioceltix collaborates with Wroclaw University of Life Sciences: cutting-edge biologic drugs for animals

The company has just completed a marketing campaign aimed at recruiting patients for a clinical pilot study for canine atopic dermatitis, conducted jointly with the Wroclaw University of Life Sciences.

- We already have the first patient who has completed the study in full, i.e. he is after 90 days of follow-up, while it is still too early to draw far-reaching conclusions," stresses Łukasz Bzdzion.

Drugs for dogs for osteoarthritis lesions and atopic dermatitis, and a drug for horses suffering from arthritis

Company representatives point out that in the context of progress on the drug for arthritis in dogs, patient recruitment is also on schedule. For horses, the safety study should be completed in November 2022.

- We are growing at the pace we promised our shareholders. This allows us - despite the currently difficult external environment - to look to the future with optimism. We expect to have some really interesting discussions with industry partners in late autumn or early winter, following our next results," concludes Ph.D., Eng. Paweł Wielgus.

If all goes according to plan, Bioceltix will launch the first drug with global potential - for arthritis in dogs - as early as 2024.

Cutting-edge biotechnology in veterinary medicine What does the Wroclaw-based startup Bioceltix do?

Bioceltix is a biotechnology company developing modern medicinal products for companion animals with a particular focus on dogs and horses. The company is developing proprietary technology to produce biological drugs based on mesenchymal stem cells.

The breakthrough of Bioceltix's approach is the use of a method that allows stem cells from a small number of healthy donors to be administered to a large number of patients, an allogeneic model.

The therapeutic products developed in this way will be available off-the-shelf, on-site at the veterinary clinic and ready for administration to the patient immediately after thawing. The biologic drugs being developed at Bioceltix have the potential - in addition to having a symptomatic effect - to exhibit a causal effect by influencing the inflammatory environment and activating the natural mechanisms of restoration of affected tissues.