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BNY Mellon, provider of a platform through which entrepreneurs build their businesses and individuals build their fortunes, has been present in Wroclaw for more than 13 years. Last year it announced an expansion of its operations here. It also opened a branch of the European Bank in the capital of Lower Silesia as part of its structures. Now this American bank has moved its offices to a modern office building in Centrum South.

Still ambitious plans

BNY Mellon does not anticipate any major changes in connection with the relocation. According to Ewa Carr-de Avelon, Managing Director of BNY Mellon in Poland, for the company's Polish branch, the biggest changes began several years ago, when it became a strategic location for the bank.

Everything that is happening at the moment is a consequence of that decision. BNY Mellon in Wroclaw is growing all the time. It already has 3,000 employees, and intends to continue to grow and hire more people.

Ewa Carr-de Avelon

According to company representatives, Wroclaw is an extremely important location for BNY Mellon. Already the Polish workforce accounts for more than 5 percent of its total staff, and soon it is expected to be 8 percent. This American bank currently employs 3,000 people in Wroclaw, and plans to hire another thousand highly qualified people over the next few years.

Wroclaw's strong position on the company's global map

The company's employees are pleased with the move to the new office building.

We are happy that we will all work together in one building. Now we have 13 floors at our disposal. It will be easier for us to inspire each other between departments. And because it is such a beautiful building, we expect to have many visitors from other locations. Each one of them is an ambassador to help Breslau appear on the global company map even more than it already is.

Ewa Carr-de Avelon

A great showcase for Wroclaw

According to Jakub Mazur, BNY Mellon's activities are a confirmation on the international arena that Wroclaw is a place where the best businesses are created and companies of the future are developed, not only in the financial industry, but also in the new technology sector.

These processes that are shaped here mostly serve global markets. For Wroclaw, this is a great showcase. These are our ambassadors. Because whatever happens here, happens all over the world. Therefore, we are extremely proud and happy to participate not only in today's festivities, but in the joint creation of this city, including BNY Mellon.

Jakub Mazur