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The award of the President of Wrocław - Socially Responsible Business was granted for the first time this year. It distinguishes companies that care about the local community and the comfort of work and life of their employees. It is a form of honoring their activities, as well as an inspiration for other entities operating in Lower Silesia. Due to the difficult pandemic year, three companies were awarded in the first edition of this project: Techland, 3M and BSH.

The main goal of all enterprises is profit and it is obvious. However, we decided to indicate those that do much more. It was the covid that showed responsibility, solidarity and the willingness to help others. These companies, in addition to their pursuit of profit, are definitely driven by something more. They apply corporate social responsibility on a daily basis. They are certainly great role models. We are proud of them - Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wrocław.

3M does not forget about the youngest

One of the winners is the 3M technology and production company, offering a number of various products, which improve the daily work of specialists, safety standards in the workplace, reduce the risk of infection, support the treatment process, increase the comfort of living at home, and are even used in the space industry.

In the capital of Lower Silesia, the concern has launched a modern 3M Innovation Center, a 3M Shared Services Center for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and a 3M Training Center. The actions taken by the company during the pandemics include, among others, donations for the Food Bank in Wrocław, help for the orphanage in Jaszkotle, support for the school in Wrocław and the initiative under the slogan "Zaczytane 3M" addressed to employees and their children.

We are very pleased to receive this statuette from the mayor of Wrocław, because it is in this city that the heart of 3M has been beating for 20 years. The award is actually for our employees who jointly support local communities, take part in many CSR and city development projects. However, these activities might not be many without such good cooperation with the city, Wroclaw Agglomeration Development  Agency and other local organizations. This distinction is another step to make us try even harder. - Radosław Kaskiewicz, managing director of 3M in the Eastern Europe Region

BSH with the local community in mind

The award of the President of Wrocław - Socially Responsible Business was also granted to BSH, which offers Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau household appliances on the Polish market.

The company has been supporting local charities for many years as part of its CSR. It focuses primarily on cooperation with child support centers, institutions providing support to people with disabilities, as well as organizations contributing to the development of sports interests among young people. In Wrocław, the Tobiaszki Foundation is a permanent beneficiary of the company. BSH also supports employee volunteering initiatives as part of the "Pomagamy Pomysłami" program. Thanks to this, the help goes to the places indicated by the employees, who are engaged in the voluntary work by themselves.

We are very happy with this award because we have been associated with Wrocław for a long time. It is here where we managed to put together a fantastic crew, which not only cares about our profits, but is also very connected with the local community. It is primarily on their initiative that we participate in many local projects. When covid caught us, we decided to help the youngest who needed it. This award is not only a distinction for us, but also an obligation. However, having such a great team, I can assure you that our commitment to social activities will remain at a high level. - Konrad Pokutycki, president of BSH in Poland

Techland for education in a pandemics

Techland became the third laureate of the Award of the President of Wrocław - Socially Responsible Business. It is one of the most recognizable producers of computer games and a distributor of games produced by other developers. During the pandemics, the company distinguished itself by helping those in need. One example is the provision of computers to children in orphanages.

Due to the absence of the company's representatives at the Economic Forum in Karpacz, the award was received on their behalf by Magdalena Okulowska, president of the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency.

The Award of the President of Wrocław - Socially Responsible Business will also be awarded during subsequent editions of the Economic Forum in Karpacz.