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Cultural institutions, such as the National Forum of Music (NFM), function in the social space. Their mission is to create community and draw attention to the values that art, in this case music, brings. In times of pandemonium, war and economic crisis, these venues are some of the few that create community.

In contrast, most business people, having achieved professional and financial success, are looking for a space where they can have a real impact on the development of society. For each entrepreneur, this "something more" can have different meanings. The worlds of business and culture are separate, unconnected by any bridges - the common goal of cultural people and entrepreneurs is to create them. It is therefore worth focusing on long-term solutions, as there is a need to find systemic solutions to support cultural institutions and young artists.

The second edition of the debate will address the importance of building partnerships and lasting relations between the worlds of culture and business, based on mutual communication. In the next years of recovery from the economic crisis, efforts should be made to deepen cooperation with the support of the administration. There is a need to create a space to discuss what businesses can do for culture in the city. It is also worth encouraging not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to invest in the arts.

A change in the attitude of companies towards the benefits they can get with the support of cultural institutions has been observable for a long time. They are not only concerned with promotion, first of all they focus on building an interesting offer, which positively influences the image of the employer from the perspective of current and potential employees, as well as their families, attracts their attention to the branch in the country and city, as it provides many opportunities to spend free time in an interesting way. NFM, as an institution open to dialogue, undertakes such activities, takes an interest in the needs of its partners, uses its resources and creates a space tailored to the preferences of each of them.

I am convinced that building a modern and open society, conducive to innovative businesses, cannot do without creating a thread of understanding between entrepreneurs and cultural institutions based on best practices of cooperation. We are extremely pleased to see the growing involvement of business in patronage in recent years.

Andrzej Kosendiak, NFM Director

In addition, the NFM invites partners for whom it is important to showcase the values and assets of their countries of origin. The National Forum of Music also develops activities and relationships with entrepreneurs at the local level, making it possible to realize exceptional world-class artistic events available to the region's residents.

Among the participants will be the most important representatives of the cultural sector, business, as well as administration associated with Wroclaw. The debate will be attended by:

  • Rafal Dutkiewicz - President of the Management Board of the Employers of the Republic of Poland,
  • Andrzej Kosendiak - Director of the National Forum of Music,
  • Dorota Mroczkowska - Owner of DOTI Manufaktura,
  • Wojciech Normand - Vice President of the Management Board of Deichmann-Footwear,
  • Marzena Perka-Skorzycka - Chief Operating Officer of Branch I of BNY Mellon Bank (European Bank),
  • Radoslaw Wozniak - President of the Management Board of the European Leasing Fund SA.

The discussion will be moderated by Gosia Gontarz, director of the McKinsey&Company office in Wroclaw.

The debate will be followed by a concert in tribute to Wayne Shorter - symphonic music inaugurating the 20th Jazztopad Festival. The evening will culminate with a festive banquet.

The cost of participation is PLN 470 per person. To participate in the event, send your application via the form.

Honorary patrons of the event: Employers of the Republic of Poland, Business Center Club, Western Chamber of Commerce - Employers and Entrepreneurs, Association of Business Service Leaders - ABSL.