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Soda Pluss will build a production hall in Krepice in the municipality of Miekinia. It will produce, among other things, metal furniture and food service lines.

A new path for an experienced company

Soda Pluss began operations in 2003 as an importer of finished catering equipment from the Southeast Asian area and European Union countries. However, logistical problems during the first period of the coronavirus pandemic, making it impossible to import equipment from outside the European Union, became a pretext for a fundamental change in business operations: the company began producing its own catering equipment.

The main objective of the latest investment is to expand the existing enterprise in Krepice and increase the company's competitiveness and innovation by implementing a range of modern catering heating equipment, using microwave technology and infrared phenomena.

The Legnicka Special Economic Zone is a space for development for companies in various industries. The dominant sector is automotive, but we are very pleased that food or catering companies are increasingly willing to join us. Soda Pluss is a family-owned company that emphasizes efficient distribution through proven suppliers of catering equipment, being helpful, flexible, as well as a reliable partner.

Przemyslaw Bozek, president of the Legnicka Special Economic Zone

Hybrid grill

The company intends to specialize in the production of hybrid resistance-microwave equipment for heating meals. The new product will include a hybrid Panini sandwich grill.

Our products are unparalleled anywhere else, unique catering equipment that impresses with its capabilities and always low price.

Jerzy Pyka, president of Soda Pluss

As a result of the technological investment, the company plans to increase employment, commercialize its own results and implement environmentally friendly solutions, contributing to CO2 reduction and lower energy consumption, among other things.