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Commerce Transformation Days at Concordia Design - what is it about?

Commerce Transformation Days is an event dedicated to the digital transformation of commerce. This year is its 7th edition, this time in a hybrid form - online and offline. The event is under the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Wroclaw.

In Wroclaw, we have the ambition to create the future, to base solutions on artificial intelligence, to create commerce transformations industries that change the future for the better and favor both companies and Wroclaw citizens themselves. We are extremely proud that it is in Wroclaw that the 7th edition of this event is taking place. I also believe that it will become a permanent fixture in our city.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

The Commerce Transformation Days conference is first and foremost a space for sharing knowledge, making valuable connections and substantive discussions. It is organized for the international community developing the field of e-commerce.

Lectures, discussion panels and workshops

Participants will be treated to 20 hours of inspiring lectures, discussion panels and practical workshops with experts at the Concordia Design business center in Wroclaw.

During this year's edition, they will jointly seek answers to the question "How to prepare for the unpredictable?". In addition, they will also learn how to achieve international success and the most common pitfalls in evaluating the effectiveness of e-commerce activities.

The organizers of the conference, Unity Group CTD, have scheduled 6 thematic blocks this year:

  • commerce transformation,
  • digital sales,
  • scalable operations,
  • data & AI,
  • cloud & cybersecurity,
  • society & organization.

The meetings will feature key experts representing well-known market brands, including: Allegro, Carrefour, Super-Pharm, Euro RTV AGD, BRW, Żabka or PwC.