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Controlant is operating in Wroclaw

Iceland-based Controlant has opened an innovative technology center in the Dominikanski Center office building. - Controlant is a strong brand that has played an important role in the safe distribution and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine supplies around the world. We look forward to the company's further development - Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw, stressed at the opening.

The decision made by Controlant is a valuable step for both the city and the company itself. Opening an office in Wroclaw will allow the company to recruit talent from the academic community, while having close access to clients across Europe. The city will gain quality jobs.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

Controlant is a provider of real-time temperature monitoring and visibility solutions for the global pharmaceutical, food and transportation industries through "Cold Chain as a Service" solutions that digitize and automate supply chains. Since Controlant partnered with Pfizer in 2020, it has helped ensure the delivery of more than 5.7 billion doses of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to more than 185 countries around the world.

Controlant innovative technology center in Wroclaw, Poland

Controlant's technology center in Wroclaw already employs 30 people, but the company plans to continue recruiting for all departments in Wroclaw, including customer support, logistics, research and development.

We are a fast-growing company with ambitious goals and a strategy for the future. We need to be equipped and ready for the journey ahead. Our new office in Wroclaw brings us closer to our customers and our huge pool of employees, and puts us in a strong position to strengthen existing customer relationships and gain new ones. We feel welcome in Wroclaw and look forward to further developing our team in the city.

Gísli Herjólfsson, CEO and co-founder of Controlant

Ella Björnsdottir, Chief Human Resources Officer at Controlant, emphasizes that the company will expand its operations for clients in the pharmaceutical, food and transportation industries.

Controlant was established in Iceland in 2007 and currently employs more than 370 people from over 35 countries. In addition to its headquarters in Iceland and a new office in Poland (in Wroclaw), the company also has offices in the US and the Netherlands.