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The congress is intended to be a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between experts and those seeking knowledge, as well as between different organizations, for example, universities, hospitals, energy companies, banks, consulting firms or institutions that fight every day for better security of the digital space and our data.

Purpose of the CyberTrust Congress

The main objective of the CyberTrust Congress is to provide a platform for in-depth discussions on the latest trends and innovations in the field of cyber security.

In an era of constant technological change and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, this congress aims to bring us closer to understanding how to effectively protect our digital assets and encourage collaboration in shaping a secure online space.

It is also the only cyber conference hosted by a university that brings together public institutions, science and business.

CyberTrust Congress. Why join?

CyberTrust Congress 2023 is not just a series of lectures. It is also an opportunity to network with leading experts in the field of cyber security, participate in interactive workshops, and explore innovative solutions presented by industry leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain practical skills that are essential in today's world of cyber threats.

A key element of the program is a variety of thematic tracks that will provide participants with the opportunity to explore and deepen their interdisciplinary knowledge in the area of cyber security.

The Congress will feature the following thematic tracks:

  1. Sectoral Challenges
  2. Ecosystem for cyber security
  3. Cybesecurity Reinvented
  4. Cyber Warfare
  5. Technical track
  6. Workshops in laboratories

Specialized organizations such as NASK, CDeX and the Secure Cyberspace Foundation are the substantive patrons of the CyberTrust Congress.

EY GDS is the General Sponsor of the event, while UBS is the Patron of the Congress.

Details of the event

Venue: Congress Center of Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

Date: November 28-29, 2023

Admission: registration required: https://cybertrust.org.pl/rejestracja/

To stay up-to-date about the CyberTrust 2023 Congress, visit the official event website: cybertrust.org.pl and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/kongres-cybertrust/