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DataArt, a technology consulting company, continues to expand its teams despite the challenging industry and apparent market downturn.

DataArt is setting its sights on Wroclaw. Why?

In June, the company's Wroclaw office added more talent, bringing it past the 300-person mark - but it doesn't stop there.

The Wroclaw office was opened eight years ago as the company's second location in Poland. Currently DataArt has five software development centers in the country - in addition to Wroclaw, it also operates in Lublin, Lodz, Krakow and Warsaw.

Jobs and recruitment. DataArt in Wroclaw.

The company offers cooperation in a hybrid model, as well as remote work, allowing work from anywhere in the country.

DataArt already employs a total of nearly 750 people throughout Poland. In 2022 alone, it expanded its team by 280 specialists. It is currently recruiting for more than 30 positions in Poland, but the scale of growth this year will depend on global demand for IT services.

We have been observing a decline in demand for several months. At present, however, the situation does not seem critical, and a number of factors allow us to look to the future with moderate, but nevertheless optimism. The industry predicts that the recession will end in the coming future

Ryszard Permus, CEO of DataArt Wroclaw. 

Ryszard Permus adds that many of their clients have planned their technology projects years ahead. - Of course, some of them have been reduced, but others are gaining momentum, he adds.

What does DataArt do?

DataArt is engaged in technology consulting - it designs, develops and supports unique IT solutions around the world. By doing so, it helps clients achieve superior business results.

  • DataArt teams create new products and modernize existing systems, having a real impact on technology transformation in many industries.
  • DataArt has earned the trust of top brands and demanding clients such as Nasdaq, S&P, United Technologies, Oneworld Alliance, Ocado, Betfair and Skyscanner.

DataArt operates as a network of companies providing technology services, working with more than 6,000 professionals in 35 locations on four continents.