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Conference Diversity in the workplace - challenges, opportunities and good practices in business, local government and NGOs

  • November 15, 2023, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm, Barbara ul. Swidnicka 8a, Wroclaw

The Regional Representation of the European Commission in Poland, the Office of the Mayor of Wroclaw and the Wroclaw Equal Treatment Council invite you to participate in the conference "Diversity in the workplace - challenges, opportunities and good practices in business, local government and NGO".

The aim of the conference is a cross-sectoral exchange of experience in building a diverse, equal and inclusive work environment in line with the European Union's equality policies. Discussions will cover the topics of gender equality, inclusion of migrants and migrant women, LGBT+ people or neuroatypical people.

- We will talk about what benefits DE&I (diversity, equity & inclusion) brings to organizations, what challenges it entails. Male and female speakers will present best practices and programs from their own organizations. The conference will also provide an opportunity for networking, the organizers announced.

The event is being organized as part of the European Year of Skills, which aims to develop and improve competencies among employers and employees in the European labor market.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. The number of places is limited. Registration until November 8, 2023 at this link.

Program of the conference

9.30-10.00 - Registration

10.00-10.20 - Opening of the conference: Vice President of Wroclaw Bartlomiej Ciazynski, Martyna Gacek-Swiecik - Regional Representation of the European Commission in Poland

10.20-10.40 - Introductory lecture: What is diversity in the workplace and why is it a value we should strive for? Dora Molodynska-Küntzel / Punt Kick

10.40-11.55 - Debate: The path to gender equality in the workplaceo

Guests/guests: Magdalena Sobkowiak-Czarnecka - Women at the Center/Team Europe Direct, , Izabella Laskowska - Equal Treatment Department of the Warsaw City Hall, Katarzyna Zabratanska - Zabka Group, Michal Knapik - mBank

Moderation: Dora Molodynska-Küntzel

11.55-12.10 - Coffee break

12.10-12.40 - Presentation: Why and how to talk about LGBT+ people in an organization? Anna Kubiak - Equality Culture Association, proud@work

12.40-13.55 - Debate: Challenges of interculturalism.

Guests/guests: Marzena Strzelczak - Responsible Business Forum, Magdalena Okulowska - ARAW, Oliwia Tarasewicz - WroOPENup, Witold Woźny - MPK Wroclaw.

Moderation: Yulia Boguslavska / Ukrainian woman in Poland

13.55-14.25 - Lunch

14.25-14.55 - Presentation: Neurodiversity in the workplace. Agnieszka Halikowska - Foundation Beyond Schemes.

14.55-15.40 - Good practices: networking

15.40-16.00 - Closing of the conference.