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dmTECH is an IT company 100% owned by the German company "dm-drogerie markt," one of Europe's largest drugstore chains.

The Polish headquarters of dm is in Wroclaw, Poland. New jobs

The dm company decided to enter Poland and the headquarters was opened in Wroclaw. In Wrocław's Oporów district, dm has its warehouses. They are successively opening more stores in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia and are planning the next stages of their development in Poland from our region.

In Wroclaw is the first international branch of dmTECH in Poland.

Regardless of the local teams in dm drugstores, all IT processes for 14 European countries are handled by dmTECH. Wroclaw is the first international branch of dmTECH, the purpose of which will be to support technological support for customers and employees of dm drugstores and to implement new IT projects in all countries where the brand is present.

 - Poland is an interesting market in terms of opportunities to attract experienced and qualified experts working in IT, so the decision to open the first international branch of dmTECH here was obvious for us," Stephan Seitz, head of the Consumer Technology department at dmTECH and Site Manager of dmTECH in Poland.

The dm company chose Wroclaw. Why?

Stephan Seitz stresses that Wroclaw, where the dm drugstore opened its first store upon entering Poland and where its headquarters are located, proved to be an extremely attractive location for the company.

- This city attracts talented people and connects the worlds of business, technology, science and culture on a daily basis, creating ideal conditions for the development of innovative ventures. Wroclaw is also one of the most vibrant centers of education and technological development in this part of Europe, with strong academic potential, Seitz adds.

An AI chatbot called dmGPT. What does dmTECH do?

In its day-to-day work, dmTECH works on, among other things, retail systems, the online store, the "My dm" mobile application, POS systems, the dmPAY payment system and any dm processes in 14 countries that can be supported by technology.

- dmTECH is a kind of technological catalyst at dm, enabling the implementation of new IT ideas, such as the recently commissioned proprietary AI chatbot called dmGPT, the company reports.

Stephan Seitz points out that this year the company is celebrating the 35th anniversary of dmTECH and the 50th anniversary of the dm Group, and from the beginning they have been focusing on innovative ideas and intelligent solutions for the online store, customer and employee applications, as well as for IT departments in dm stores, distribution centers and headquarters.

Recruiting dmTECH jobs and employment. Earnings at dmTECH.

dmTECH is looking for experts in fields such as marketing automation, ERP, SAP, JAVA, Business Intelligence, programming, data engineering, networks, requirements engineering, consultants and project managers, system administrators, IT architects.

  • At dmTECH, technology solutions are developed in accordance with the latest work methodologies. Agile, SCRUM and Kanban are the standards by which the German IT company's teams work.
  • Currently and in the coming days, the company will open recruitment for several job positions in Poland. In the first year of operation, it will hire about 100 employees in Poland, and in the next two to three years this number will increase to about 300.

Depending on the position, experience and form of employment, salaries range from a few to a few dozen zlotys per month.  Current job offers and more information are available at: dmTECH.pl