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Electric cargo bikes may influence the logistics in the city. By choosing such a solution, you can save money, time, take care of the environment and at least a little bit relieve the traffic jams in the city.

- A prototype of an electric cargo bike is already in Wroclaw. In March, 20 units will be available, and by the end of the year we are planning another 30-50 such vehicles. We are mainly targeting B2B customers (courier and catering companies) and offices. However, if individual entrepreneurs appear, they will also be able to buy a bike from us - emphasises Paweł Raja, the co-founder and CEO of Bike Idea.

Electric cargo bike may be a breakthrough in urban space

According to Bike Idea data, cargo bikes in city centres cope with deliveries better and faster than cars. Deliveries are made up to 60% faster than by standard vans. There is no need to refuel, and the cost of driving 100 km is less than one zloty. A huge advantage is the impact on the environment - using such a solution reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90% compared to diesel vehicles and about 30% compared to electric vans.

According to estimates, cargo bicycles can handle up to 50% of all journeys in urban freight transport.

The main advantages of a cargo bike

The bicycle has many advantages, from improving air quality, well-being and form by taking care of the environment or avoiding standing in traffic. And a cargo bike can do even more. Paweł Raja lists the following among its main advantages:

  • ease of parking,
  • eCargo involves a 70-80% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to small trucks or vans takes up less space on the road,
  • needs fewer repairs and service visits than cars,
  • can deliver in pedestrian zones,
  • is not restricted by time windows,
  • costs less to buy and maintain than a car or van
  • can cope with narrow roads,
  • can avoid traffic jams.

There are far fewer obstacles in the way of a cargo bike, such as embankments and gated communities, and the delivery man does not have to take the street to reach his destination. By choosing this mode of transport, entrepreneurs and suppliers can gain on many levels - additionally becoming known as those who care not only for business, but also for the environment and urban space.