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The manufacturer of eSchwalbe scooters is Govecs Poland Sp. z o.o., a member of the Govecs Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers of electric unicycles. Since 2009, the company has had a branch in Wroclaw, where it is continuing the revolution in sustainable mobility at a plant located right next to the former Hutmen plant.

We are currently opening a new period of this location. The Wroclaw headquarters of our company is a place where innovation and tradition meet in perfect combination, creating products of the highest quality. We have such ambitions that Wroclaw will get to know us better, because we produce beautiful and modern equipment. About 12-14 scooters come off our production line every day.

Bożena Gut, president of Govecs Poland

eSchwalbe electric scooters. The scooter can be recharged at home.

The latest product, the eSchwalbe scooter is a contemporary answer to the iconic German Schwalbe model. The vehicles are created with the cooperation of Wroclaw's best, experienced engineers, electronics engineers and assemblers. In August, a model with super-lightweight, replaceable batteries, discharged in parallel, appeared on the market. This innovation not only provides users with a longer range, but also takes care of the lifespan of the super-lightweight, home-charged batteries used in the scooter, which is expected to increase the comfort of handling and riding.

They will reduce CO2 emissions. eSchwalbe electric scooters.

Govecs Poland, continues to develop its product range, introducing innovative models that also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. With its advanced electric motor technology and unique design, eSchwalbe combines an iconic past with an ECO future.

In 2024, the company plans to further develop and establish partnerships with companies working in the same spirit as GOVECS. The next version of the eSchwalbe family scooter, the L3e (125cc equivalent), will go into production in the near future. The company has also established permanent cooperation with WFE, for which it will produce the Polish Cult Scooter in a new electric version.

The electric scooters will help relieve traffic jams.

The electric scooters, manufactured in Wroclaw, are also expected to contribute to easier movement and decongestion of city traffic, by improving daily communication.

We are very happy that a Schwalbe scooter factory has been established in Grabiszynska, that is, referring to the history of Simson. All the more so because it is happening in a building where heavy production used to be in Hutmen. The future of the company now operating here is in the spirit of Wroclaw, i.e. in the spirit of electromobility, zero-emission and efficient transportation that does not create traffic jams.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw