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Electric Syrena at EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wrocław: electric cars racing, test drives

An electric Syrenka with green license plates could be seen alongside such electric automotive giants as Tesla, Mercedes and BMW. The electric-powered Syrenka was one of the attractions at the EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wrocław, which proved that electromobility and zero-emission transportation are no longer just a modern trend and electric cars a whim - they are becoming the foundation for clean air and a healthy environment overnight.

Proof of their expansion and growing importance was the EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wrocław, an event promoting electromobility that took place on June 24-25 at the Modlin Circuit in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. It was a two-day festival of electric cars, test drives and experiences provided by electromobility. The popularity of the event is evidenced by these figures: 2,000 participants, 5,500 kilometers driven, 27 hours of driving and more than 1,500 test drives.

Electromobility is growing faster and faster. We are seeing growing interest in electric cars, which also confirms the development of our company. As a European leader in the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, we are proud to support initiatives that make a real difference to the future of electromobility and zero-emission. The EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wrocław is one of them.

Yong Girl Lee, director of LGESWA's Business Support Department.

The EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wrocław included interviews and lectures and, above all, testing of electric cars. Each participant could see the display of batteries from LG Energy Solution Wrocław - from cells to modules to battery packs, and also listen to the secrets of electromobility. Presentations of electric vehicles, a road show with the participation of EV Klub Poland, races and tests of electrics attracted great interest.

LG Energy Solution Wrocław: batteries for electric cars

LG Energy Solution has been a leader in the battery industry since 1992. With years of experience in research and development of breakthrough battery technologies, the company became the world's first manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in 2009, and has been expanding its range of products ever since.

Over the past decade alone, LG Energy Solution has invested $4.5 billion in research and development, so that it now holds nearly 23,000 patents worldwide in materials and core technologies.

LG Energy Solution Wrocław - the largest electric car battery production center in Europe

LG Energy Solution is a global leader supplying advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), IT and power tool products, and energy storage systems (ESS).

In 2016, LG Energy Solution Wrocław was established in Biskupice Podgórne, which is the first and largest EV battery production center in Europe. The greenfield investment in Wroclaw resulted in the introduction of cutting-edge technology to Poland, as well as making our country a European leader in this industry.

Electric cars of such automotive giants as Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Porsche and Volkswagen are running on batteries produced in the Wroclaw agglomeration.

The plant, which covers an area of about 100 hectares, has dozens of modern production lines. Current production capacity is 70 GWh, and by the end of 2022 LG Energy Solution Wroclaw will reach 115 GWh.