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3rd edition of the "Factory of the Future on the Way to Industry 4.0" event will be held October 12-13 2016 in Wrocław. The dispersed conference "Factory of the Future on the Way to Industry 4.0" is Poland's biggest event comprehensively presenting the idea of Industry 4.0. According to the originators of the event, the concept of the future factory combining the worlds of information and machine is today both a real necessity and a big challenge. At the same time, implementation of such a concept enables quick production of short batches or even single products to cater for the ordering party's needs. It is for the third time now that the innovative undertaking is organised by four companies hailing from the manufacturing automation sector: Balluff, Fanuc, Lapp Kabel and Wago. In different places of Wrocław, the conference participants will be able to familiarise themselves with solutions concerning the Factory of the Future. What the originators and organisers of the conference have in common is product innovativeness and location, i.e. the rapidly developing capital of Lower Silesia. The conference aims to integrate the milieus of automatics and electric engineering specialists around the subject of the Factory of the Future. Latest trends and directions in the development of control systems will be presented at the conference, as well as information on how to develop or modernise production facilities so that their participation in the new industrial revolution currently taking place, i.e. Industry 4.0., is as effective as it is possible. According to the event originators' concept, it is important to propagate the knowledge of existing technologies, as well as those under development, which will embody the idea of Industry 4.0 and show specific examples of it being put into practice. Industry 4.0 is also a big opportunity for Polish companies to develop and gain a competitive advantage. The important subject of the development of education, which should provide properly prepared engineer and technical staff, will be paid a lot of attention to at this year's edition of the event. Additionally, organisers of the third edition of the conference invite students to participate in a competition for concepts of installations demonstrating the idea of Industry 4.0. The entry form and all details related to the competition are available on the website www.przemysl40.pl, in "for students" tab. The participants may submit works which in the future will have a functional or didactic value. The winners, to be selected by the jury, can expect attractive prize money: 5,000 PLN for first place, 3,000 PLN for second place, and 2,000 PLN for third place. The third edition of the conference "Factory of the Future on the Way to Industry 4.0" is more than ideas and solutions. It is also a great opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with domestic and foreign experts on industrial automatics and representatives of Poland's leading technical tertiary institutions. The conference targets everybody who has influence on the development and modernisation of a production facility: traffic maintenance workers, designers of industrial automatics, production engineers, production managers, technical directors, integrators of control systems, traffic maintenance automation specialists, as well as representatives of planning and development departments. The conference Industry 4.0 is organised by four leading enterprises operating in the new production technology sector: Balluff, Fanuc, Lapp Kabel and Wago. The conference will begin and end at Wrocław's newly opened National Forum of Music, while its subsequent parts will be held in parallel at the organisers' premises. The dispersed conference Industry 4.0, to be held in Wrocław on October 12-13 2016, means two days filled with dynamics and new knowledge. All interested in the conference are welcome to register on www.przemysl40.pl