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Since April 1, planes from Wroclaw have been flying according to the spring-summer timetable. The network has changed, some connections have disappeared, some new ones have appeared, among them Helsinki in Finland, 1200 km away from the capital of Lower Silesia in a straight line.

The flight to the Finnish capital lasts 2 hours. If you want to travel in economy class in May, you will have to pay 821 PLN for a round trip with a small hand baggage in the cheapest option (price as of April 4, 2024). Timetable:

  • May 1 departure from Wroclaw at 8:25, arrival in Helsinki at 11:25 (time change);
  • May 5: departure from Helsinki at 6:35, arrival to Wroclaw at 7:40 (time change).

The service is operated daily by Finnair.

Finnair has been linked to Poland for more than 50 years and we are delighted to extend our services beyond Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk to the vibrant city of Wroclaw. As well as being an extremely interesting destination for those looking to relax in picturesque surroundings, it is also known as Poland's Silicon Valley, so we believe it will be a very attractive destination for business travelers in particular.
Arunas Skuja, Finnair's Market Director for Europe

Helsinki not just for a trip

According to the Vice President of Wroclaw Airport, the connection to Helsinki is the most interesting news in the spring and summer timetable

Finland in itself is an interesting place to visit, but what is also important is that the presence of this airline offers many opportunities to travel in other directions, such as to the USA, Canada or East Asia,
Karol Przywara, Wroclaw Airport Vice President

Helsinki-Vantaa, located to the north of the city, is the largest airport in the country. It handled 15.3 million passengers in 2023. There are direct flights to Tokyo, Bangkok, Istanbul, Chicago, Los Angeles, Zhengzhou, Delhi and Hong Kong.

Tourism is one side of the coin. The other is business, as Malgorzata Wegrzyn-Wysocka, Finland's honorary consulwoman in Wroclaw, emphasizes.

In Lower Silesia we have about 40 Finnish companies, more than a hundred Finns live here permanently. We have a school in Wroclaw, where classes for Finnish children are held on Saturdays. The Finnish village of Kalevala near Karpacz is very popular. The Finnish community in Wroclaw and the region is growing steadily. Besides managers who come to work, we also attract retirees.
Malgorzata Wegrzyn-Wysocka, Finland's honorary consulwoman in Wroclaw

From Wroclaw to the French Riviera

In addition to Helsinki, two other Scandinavian cities have been added to Wroclaw's summer network: the returning Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) and the debut Oslo (capital of Norway). Both flights will be operated by Norwegian Airlines. Also new is the French city of Marseille, a city in Provence that is the gateway to the French Riviera.

The sustainability of the connections is very important to us. We have made sure that both passengers looking for an interesting place to spend their vacation and those planning a longer trip will find our offer when planning the summer network.
Karol Przywara, Vice President of Wroclaw Airport

At the end of October and the beginning of November, the spring-summer timetable will be replaced by a fall-winter timetable.