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Each year, thousands of people interested in taking up or changing jobs visit the Job Fair held at the District Labor Office. Thanks to this, many Wroclaw residents find interesting jobs in the companies presenting their offers.

A chance to meet employers and find employees

This time, too, fair participants will have the opportunity to meet future employers, talk to recruiters, as well as benefit from the expertise of various institutions, including the National Tax Administration, Social Security, the National Labor Inspectorate, accounting advice or health and safety advice. They will also have the opportunity to take advantage of free legal advice provided by Legal Advisors from the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Wroclaw.

This year's event will last two days, so that each day dozens more employers will have the opportunity to present their job offers to fair visitors.

Exhibitors will have exhibition houses at their disposal. Each employer will also have a special stand arranged where they can present their offer.

They will promote professional activity

According to Arkadiusz Lukaszow, senior marketing specialist for office services at the District Labor Office, the idea behind the fair is to promote professional and social activity of the unemployed, as well as employers from the business services sector ready and open to hire people.

The event is also intended to break stereotypes regarding the employment of unemployed people registered with the District Labor Office. We want it to make it easier for such people to develop their potential in the open and accessible market of the service sector, which remains one of the fastest growing branches of the Polish economy.

Arkadiusz Lukaszow

Interesting offers for employees and employers

The organizers of the fair are the District Labor Office in Wroclaw, the Western Chamber of Commerce - Employers and Entrepreneurs and the Agency for the Development of Wroclaw Agglomeration.

Our cooperation with the District Labor Office has long brought tangible results. That's why we are pleased with another joint venture. We invite all companies looking for hands to work, as well as people interested in finding an interesting job, to participate in this unique event. We are confident that, as in previous editions of the Job Fair, both sides will find interesting offers for each other.

Magdalena Okulowska, president of the board, ARAW

Meeting in the heart of the city

The Job Fair will be held on the premises of the Vocational Activation Center of PUP Wroclaw at 20-22 Gliniana Street and the neighboring National Health Fund, on June 13- 14, 2024 from 9 am to 1 pm.

Exhibitors will have exhibition houses, each employer will have an arranged exhibition stand. Each cottage is two exhibition stands, for two employers.