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Construction of the Quorum complex at 34 Sikorskiego Street started in November 2020. It is the largest mixed-use development in the city, i.e. combining residential, commercial and office space. It is also one of the largest investments in the whole of Wroclaw.

The Quorum complex is to consist of five buildings, named alphabetically (A-E). Among them will be the second tallest building in Wroclaw - B. According to the announcement, the skyscraper is to be 140 m high, with 35 floors and a terrace at the top overlooking the panorama of Wroclaw.

The ground floor of the complex's east-, north- and west-facing buildings will house commercial premises. On the podium of the entire complex and on the level of the fourth storey, terraces and green spaces accessible to all employees and residents have been designed. In addition, publicly accessible green areas and a pedestrian promenade have been created on the south side of Building D, opposite the street. Approximately 1,500 parking spaces are planned for the entire complex. From the second tallest building in Wroclaw, it will also be possible to admire the panorama of the city.

description of the Quorum investment on cavatina.pl

How is work progressing at the Quorum construction site?

- Work on the Quorum complex is progressing on the part of both Cavatina Holding and Resi Capital. The construction of office building A and residential building C is underway - in both cases the work is already very advanced and nearing completion, informs Lukasz Zarębski, Head of Marketing & Communications Cavatina Holding.

Completed in Q4 2022, Building D is very popular with tenants - it offers more than 16,200 sqm of Class A office space, spread over six floors, along with approximately 1,000 sqm of retail and service units. Its architecture combines modernity with the renovation of an existing building made in historic brick.

Commercialisation of Building A, which will provide the Wroclaw office market with 18,000 sqm of Class A space, spread over 12 floors, along with approximately 1,000 sqm of retail and service units, is underway. At least 30 per cent of the energy used in the building will come from renewable energy sources.

Companies that have already decided to lease space in the facility include Keywords Studios, an international giant in the video games industry, which will create its first Wroclaw office in Quorum A.

What about the planned 140-metre-high Quorum tower, which is to be the second tallest building in the city after the Sky Tower? The pace of implementation of the next stage of the complex - building B - depends on the commercialisation of building A, answers Lukasz Zarębski of Cavatina Holding.

Quorum complex construction schedule

  • Quorum A - planned delivery of the building at the end of the first quarter of 2024
  • Quorum B - completion dependent on the pace of commercialisation of building A
  • Quorum C - planned building delivery at the end of the first quarter of 2024
  • Quorum D - building delivered and 80 per cent leased
  • Quorum E - commencement of development in 2024