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GLP Wrocław V Logistics Center is located 6.5 kilometers south of Bielany Wrocławskie - next to the S8 expressway. There are bus stops in front of the gate for employees commuting from Wroclaw.

More jobs in the logistics sector near Wroclaw

The logistics center, consisting of warehouses and production halls, occupies 50 hectares. The investor is expanding the center by 240 thousand square meters of logistics space, and announces that this is not the end of it. The construction of another 66 thousand is planned for this year.


The development of the park with new, continuously improved buildings, which will be used by e-commerce leaders, among others, is in a way a continuation of the tradition of this location, which was already an important center of crafts and trade two thousand years ago, as documented by the archaeological research we conducted prior to the project.

Michal Szczepaniak from GLP


At present, all the existing space in the GLP Wroclaw V Logistics Centre is rented. The latest tenant is a manufacturer and supplier of printer supplies.

GLP is an international owner, developer and manager of logistics centers. The company also invests in renewable energy and related technologies.