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  • The American giant announced that as part of the next stage of investment in Google offices, they have created a team that will work with the development of improving our clients in Europe.
  • Google is employed by specialists and specialists with experience in the following industries: advertising, media, consulting, sales and marketing, fluent in the service in Wrocław.
  • Google Wrocław expanded and enlarged its Bem office.

In March 2021, we informed about the creation by Google in Wrocław of a company to help implement cloud technologies with European companies. On october 14 this year, Google has announced that it has revealed the location of Silesia. This time, the innovative maintenance services of specialists who will use Google's services, tenants and advertisers, as well as advertising agencies, are Google services.

In the development and branding strategy of the Internet Witold Wójtowicz, head of the Google office in Wrocław, emphasizes that the company is not slowing down the pace of development of the Wrocław office of Google.

Wrocław is an excellent city thanks to the use of qualified, ambitious and interesting people with knowledge of various languages ​​- both from Poland and from abroad. This time we are opening recruitment for recruitment for experts and experts in the field of working with experts and brands in Europe. I have no doubts that we have the new talents that European companies have in the development of their companies -Witold Wójtowicz, head of the Google office in Wrocław.

Google Wrocław: recruitment, jobs

For the new team, Google is looking not only for people with experience in the advertising industry, but also in the media, consulting, sales, marketing and other industries. The company will look for experts and experts who, apart from speaking English uses other languages as: Spanish: French, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, as well as those from Central and Eastern Europe (Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak or Romanian).

Recruitment is open to people with beginner experience in the labor market as well as those with managerial skills who have already managed projects and teams.

Google Wrocław: see who they are looking for to work and what they offer

In connection with the investments in new teams in Wrocław announced this year, Google expanded its office at pl. Bem. There will be more space to work, new rooms for group work, a library, a gym, a fitness studio and an enlarged auditorium have been prepared, and electric car charging stations will be available in the underground car park.

What Google is doing in Wrocław

Google's office in Wrocław was opened in 2007 and currently employs 100 people. The company plans to increase employment in the coming years.